Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday 9/21

I am a "Book Worm" I love love love reading! I love Library Day and Social Networking for Book Lovers. I have at least 40 books checked out at a time from the library. (granted some are for homeschooling, but many are leisure reading) So about 18 months ago I discovered that I can join some Book Review Programs and I joined about 4 well known publishing book review programs. I have recently joined about 4 more book review programs and I love it! I am getting some great books and I enjoying reading and posting my opinion of the books. I hope I have encouraged others to buy some of the books I have posted about!

I have recently been trying to "keep up" with the Book Reviews and making sure I read and post by the date I am supposed to. A couple months ago I came up with the idea to post them on my Springpad Account and set up reminders for the day before they are due to be posted to my blog. That has been working wonderfully. I was also struggling with a way to keep the books organized and all in one place. The other night I came up with an idea and I immediately jumped onto the computer to put the idea to work. I created a "Book Review" form. I at first created it as a simple box form. I then thought how cool it would be to have use it as a bookmark, so I created it as a bookmark also. I then grabbed a small "tote" I already had that I purchased at Dollar Tree and put my books in there. I printed out the box form version and filled them out and put them in the books. I put the "tote" on the top of my reading area bookshelf.

The book tote on top of my reading area bookshelf

The folder contains the forms and also letters from publishers

I am soo happy with how my idea "came to light" and I am sure this will be a huge help to me! I hope it will also help others, so I am sharing my creations below for others to print and use.

Book Review Form

Book Review Bookmark

Using Springpad and the Book Review Bookmark or Form Works for me to keep up with Book Reviews. For more great hints and tips visit Kristen over at We Are That Family.

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