Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Simple Womans Daybook 9/20

Outside the Window: It is a beautiful sunny day! Loving the weather! High in the mid 70's today!

I am thinking: About Biggest Loser Season Premiere tonight!! LOVE the show, it is so inspiring!

I am thankful for: The daily provisions that God blesses our family with. The Economy is still in turmoil, but God's blessings help our family overcome!

From the Learning Rooms: Working on our regular studies this week. I will post a recap on Friday.

In the Kitchen: I don't have much going on in the kitchen. We are having "Breakfast for Dinner" tonight. Our menu plan for 9/18-9/24.

I am wearing: A pair of Black cotton shorts and purple T-Shirt.

I am creating: A workable routine for our family. We are 3 weeks into the new school year and we still seem to want to be on our Summer Routine. We have to change that fast!

I am going: Taking the boys out to the park today to enjoy the weather and have fun!

I am wondering: How much more I can cut from our budget to be able to accomadate for rising grocery prices. Each time I go to the grocery store prices are creeping up, it is crazy!

I am Reading: Lots of great library books and books that I am going to be reviewing. (see the Right Side Bar for my By the Reading Chair list) I am almost finished reading Never Far from Home by Mary Ellis and then I will begin book 3 in this series.

I am Hoping: We will change banks very soon! Our bank is getting crazy with lots of fees and changing policies and all for the worse!

I am looking forward to: My weekly Lesson Planning day at the library. I did it for the first time this past weekend and was a success. I was able to concentrate and get things done in a short amount of time.

Around the house: I am going to tacke the kitchen cupboards over the next couple of days. They are in such disarray and really need to be organized!

I am pondering: We learn not for school, but for life. ~Seneca    I just found this quote today and I encouraged me a lot. I need to remember this especially on days where homeschool time may not be running smoothly because of LIFE!

One of my Favorite Things: StumbleUpon. I have been StumbleUpon user for about 3yrs now and I just love it! I know Pinterest has become extremely popular as of late and I was trying to resist joining but I finally caved the other day. I will always be a StumbleUpon user, and only really intend on using Pinterest for saving most commonly used Homeschool stuff. StumbleUpon will always be my favorite!

A few plans for the rest of the week: AWANA tomorrow night, Zoo on Thursday and then a relaxing weekend. We don't have many plans for the weekend. We have Church on Sunday and then Sunday afternoon I am going to the library with my laptop to do Lesson Planning!

A picture to share:
A "treasure find" that the boys and I found. An elderly couple was putting it out a couple doors down from us and we took it in. My dad thinks it might be a "pie warmer cabinet" that was popular way back when. I am hoping to sand it down and restain it. Bring it back to life!

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