Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 3

I love when we have a good week! We had a productive week and I am so happy.

The week started for me on Sunday. I decided last week to take the oppurtunity to do Lesson Planning at the Library on Sundays and it was a success! I was there for about 3 1/2 hrs and it really made a difference in my concentration and getting things done. I was able to print things I needed printed, checked out books that we would be needing this week and got it all done.

Monday: I began the day by showing the boys their Schedule Grids and how things were going to "get down to business" this week. Josh, 9yrs old, protested and refused to do school. He wanted just to dive into "regular school stuff", didn't want to do Exercising, Bible or Mystery of History. He decided not to participate in school that day. I explained to him that he would have to double up on his work the next day and also confess to his father at dinner time. The younger 2 and I completed our school day and they were excited about following the schedule grid and doing school.

Nathan Working hard
Nate working Hard

Danny says "Nooo pics"
Danny working hard, Doesn't want his pic taken

Nate the thinker
Nate thinking hard

Tuesday: We had an amazing day! We completed our entire schedule for the day and the boys were cooperative. I think it has to do with the talk "the Principal" gave them at dinner the night before. I decided as a reward for being cooperative and obedient during school I would take them to the park. We walked to the park up the street and had an amazing time!

Josh and Danny playing Frisbee
Josh and Danny Playing Frisbee

Danny rolling down hill
Danny rolling down the hill

Josh rolling down hill
Josh rolling down the hill

Nate on the "spinning thing"
Nate on the Spinning Thing

Danny on the "spinning thing"
Danny on the Spinning Thing

Nate getting ready to "Zip"
Nate getting ready to "Zip"

Wednesday: We are still trying to figure out how to get on a better routine on Wednesday. Wednesday are AWANA night at church. The boys and I have to get to church by 4:15PM to help with Dinner set up. The past 2 Wednesday we haven't gotten much school time done because we are rushing around in the morning and early afternoon doing showers, reviewing AWANA books for memorization, making sure everyone has their stuff for the AWANA and all the stuff in between. The boys and I take the bus to the church which is only 10 minutes away on bus and then a short 5 minute walk to the church. The past 2 Wednesday we have had to go the library, which is in the other direction of our church, before heading to church. It has caused for chaos and confusion trying to get things done earlier then expected. I am hoping next Wednesday isn't as chaotic.

Thursday: We took a Field Trip to Brookfield Zoo. The boys and I met up with my dad and went to the Zoo with him. We had an AMAZING time! We go to Brookfield Zoo often, but this day just seemed to be soo fun filled!! I will be writing a Zoo Day post tomorrow. Here are couple of pics for a Sneak Peak:

Friday: We had to take a "Sick Day". Josh woke up with a fever and was not feeling well all day today. I had extreme pain in my left leg and could barely walk. I was in my big comfy chair with my feet up on the ottoman particully all day today. I began feeling a tad better around just about an hour ago.

I am very happy with our school week. I am looking forward to Lesson Planning time on Sunday, as I really think that made a huge difference in our school week! We are going to begin adding in some projects and fun stuff. This week we will be learning about apples and more, in preparation of our annual Apple Picking Day on Saturday.

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE the photo slideshows, especially the chalkboard one! How do you make them? (I went to Photobucket, but couldn't figure it out. LOL) So fun to watch!

MissMOE said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the idea of the weekly planning day away from all the distractions at home. I think Friday afternoons will be my new planning time.

familymgrkendra said... Best Blogger Tips

@Our Side of the Mountain

THANKS!! I tend to do slideshows because too many pics makes for one long blog post. A slideshow puts them all in one place and not taking up space.

The Slideshow feature is in the "Tools" section:

Really easy to use and fun!!

familymgrkendra said... Best Blogger Tips


THANKS! I tell you it really makes a huge difference. The library is the ideal place for me because of the quietness. I may try a Starbucks or other Wi-Fi spot if needed, but the library will be the ideal spot.

Good luck in your new planning time adventure!

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