Saturday, September 24, 2011

Field Trip: Brookfield Zoo

I enjoy getting "out and about" with the boys and family. The weather last week was awesome and my dad called and wanted to go to the Zoo. My dad enjoys the Zoo tremendously. He rents an Electric Scooter at the Zoo due and he can go all day then. I have a Family Membership at Brookfield Zoo, so it is FREE to get in and many other FREE attractions once we are in. Thursday was Zoo Day for us, we packed a lunch and off we went that morning!

We arrived at 10am, when they open and our first stop was the Children's Zoo. The Children's Zoo hasn't changed much since I was a little one, just that it isn't as busy as it used to be. The Children's Zoo has lots of Farm animals and even a Barn. The Barn has daily Milking Demonstrations of either Cows or Goats. They also have an incubator for hatching the chicks. The Barn used to have so much more, but they closed off the upper level of the barn a few years ago when they opened a different Family Center at the Zoo. Here are some pics of the Children's Zoo fun:

Our next stop was the Dolphin Show. The boys LOVE LOVE LOVE the Dolphin show. I remember enjoying it as a child and still do. We have to sit in the front row because my dad is in the ECV. The boys think that is great because there is a greater chance of getting "splashed" by the dolphins. I am so glad we didn't get splashed this time, but the boys were disappointed. LOL The Dolphin Show is only about 15 minutes long, but so worth the time!

Lunchtime was next. We found some picnic tables near the Dolphin Show area and sat down and unpacked lunch. We had lunch and the boys wanted to play in the park inside the Zoo about 100Ft from the picnic tables. My dad told them they had 15 minutes and sent them off. Danny decided that he wanted to "follow" the Geese that were in the field next to the Park area. He was even trying to "mimic" their walk. I was laughing so hard because it was sooo funny! He can even make the same noise they do so they were "talking" to each other for a while! I had to take some pics to share:

The boys wanted to take "Papa" to the Great Bear Wilderness area next, so we headed there after lunch. The Great Bear Wilderness area just opened in 2010 and it is an amazing place. It was built to be a more natural enviroment for the animals and it really does a great job at it. The area contains Bisons, Bears, Wolves and more. We went to the Bear area. The inside has some viewing windows for the Polar Bears and for the Brown Bears. The Brown Bears are a set of twins born in 1995 and they have been at the Zoo since right after they were born because their mom was killed in an accident in Alaska where they are from. The Bear House had quite a bit of people in there watching the Polar Bear, thinking he was going to get into the water. We were all watching and I turn around for a quick minute and see the Brown Bear standing up in the pool in his area. I had NEVER seen a Brown Bear stand up and it was an AMAZING sight to see, so I rushed my boys over there and everyone else came over to watch. The Brown Bear "entertained" the audience for about 10 minutes. He was swimming, sitting in the pool, standing straight up, walking in the water, climbing on the rocks. The bear was just AMAZING, doing things many people had never seen a Brown Bear do before. My dad was completely amazed and said he had never seen many of the things the bear was doing. Josh took a video, but it is too long. I took some pics to share:

We visited a couple other "houses/exhibits" and then start heading to the South Gate. Danny loves the Baboons, and that happens to be on our way to the South Gate. We get to the Baboon exhibit and there are only 2 Baboons in the whole area. Nate and Danny run to the side where the Baboons are to get a close look. I stay at the other side to take pics and I was so glad I did. Danny had a drink in his hands and one of the Baboons got up and walked closer to the boys and sat down and stared up at them. He moved a few steps closer and continued looking up. I told Danny the Baboon wanted some of his drink to go ahead and dribble some down. Sure enough, that it what the Baboon wanted. Danny dribbled, and the Baboon enjoyed! It was sooo funny! Of course I took pics to share:

We have been to Brookfield Zoo many, many times but I must say Thursday's visit was sooo much fun! I think the Brown Bear and Baboons made it so entertaining and fun. The whole day was just amazing!!

I am looking forward to more Field Trips with the boys very soon, including a visit to Lincoln Park Zoo downtown. The boys have only been there once, but it is a great zoo also. They have a Penguin House that is going to be closing soon for renovation and I want to see it as I remember it one more time before it closes! The boys also want to go to Museum of Science and Industry and some of the other fun places here in Chicago soon! Field Trips are amazing!!

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Mary said... Best Blogger Tips

This was fun for me to read! I haven't been to the Brookfield Zoo since I was 11. It looks awesome!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE those videos! ;)

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