Friday, May 11, 2012

Oral Surgery Update

THANKS to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my Oral Surgery and Denture Journey. Yesterday was a LONG day but a very blessed day!

My appointment was for 9:30am. I was running a little late due to construction, but that turned out to be quite fine as the Oral Surgeon I had an appointment with was running late herself. I get there around 9:45am and the office is quite busy already. I found out that this Oral Surgeon is VERY busy on Thursday because 90% of her business is for Dentures. She is one of the only Oral Surgeons in the area who specializes in Dentures. Also, many of her patients are from local Nursing Homes, so she tries to take those patients first so they can get back to their facilities. I was completely patient and understanding of this policy. I waited and waited and started getting nervous around 12pm when I still hadn't been seen. My sister was using her lunch hour to come and pick me up and take me home and I didn't want to mess with her work schedule and also because I was anxious to get the extractions over with. I expressed my concern to the Receptionist and she prayed with me and for me! YES this Dentist office they are all Christians. The small office of a staff of 3 people and they are all Christian. Scripture and Christian posters on the wall and they are very encouraging in the office.

I finally got into the Dentist chair at 12:30pm. I had a few questions I needed to ask before I couldn't talk for the day. The Dentist started giving my the Novocaine all over my mouth as soon all questions were answered. YES, you read correctly. I had 17 teeth extracted under Novocaine only, I was not given General Anesthesia. I was OK with this because I have a high tolerance of pain. I must admit though the Novocaine shots to the roof of the mouth had me almost jumping out of the chair! OUCH! The Novocaine took affect within 5 minutes and then the extractions began. The Dr. was able to work fast and for the most part I didn't even realize that most of the teeth were out already. I almost ran from the chair when she began extracting the Bottom Front Teeth. OUCH, that seriously hurt like crazy! The front teeth were the easiest to pull, but they hurt the worst. All 17 teeth were extracted and all work completed within 45 minutes. The dentist did have to "stitch me up" along the gum line because of excessive bleeding. She told me that the Dilantin medicine had detoriated my gums and bone line so bad and that is why I was bleeding so bad. I completely believe that because I could NEVER brush my teeth without my gums bleeding. The stitches will dissolve within a couple of days by themselves.

I now am in the "healing" process. I will be toothless during this time, but I am OK with that. I know it will take some time for me to get used to not having any teeth and I already have done a couple things today that quickly reminded me of no teeth! LOL I have to allow my gums to heal up, as would any patient who gets all teeth extracted for Dentures. The normal healing time is about 3 weeks before the next appointment. I have to wait 5 weeks before I go back for the first impression of my mouth for them to create the Dentures. The Dilantin medicine really did some major damage to my gums and therefore I need more healing time. I go back on June 15th for the impression of my mouth. I will have to return a couple more times and then I should have my actual Dentures right around the 4th of July!

I am feeling very good today! I finally had some Mashed Potatoes around 5pm today. I was eating Smoothies, Ice Cream, and Pudding up until then. I have had very little pain and soreness, all the cold products helped greatly with that. I did take some Tylenol w/Codeine last night but it was more to help me sleep well then pain. I rested up today and have been relaxing in my comfy chair. I can talk normally, although if I talk too much it does feel funny. My right cheek looks like a "chipmunk" storing food, but I am sure that will do down in a day or 2. I will be on a soft and liquid diet until I get my actual Dentures, so I going to lose some weight. I am actually glad about that!! I know I can find many things to satisfy my hunger during this time and I will conform. My Ninja Blender and Yonanas machine are going to be put to good use!

I am feeling very blessed that I am going forward with this. I have had 4 Dentists in 3yrs confirm that all my Dental issues are completely from the Dilantin medicine I took as a child and there is NOTHING I could have changed to prevent this. I am excited moving forward and looking forward to the day I get the actual Dentures!! God is good and I am BLESSED!!

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Life Altering Dental Procedure: I am getting Full Dentures

The day has finally arrived where I am going to get a life altering Dental Procedure done. I go to an Oral Surgeon tomorrow to have all of my teeth extracted! I have 17 teeth left and I will be getting them pulled and then it will be a process of 4-8 weeks before I have A Full Set of Dentures in my mouth!

I had Childhood Epilepsy(from age 5-16) and the medicine I took, Dilantin, caused my gums lines to recede very early in life. I do know by the time I was 14 my gum line was pretty much shot. I had my 2 front top teeth filled at age 14 and had other Dental work done over the years, but have always had major problems with my gums. My upper teeth has had a few issues of their own. I can't tell you when the last time I "Smiled pretty" for pictures because I have been so disatisfied with my gum line.

I was ready to have my gums "Scaled and Planed" and went to the Dentist at the end of March. He began examining me and took a full set of X-Rays, and he determined I would probably some Grafting, Scaling and Planing done. This procedure would cost a "pretty penny". I asked him "If I get all that work done, does it guarantee I will no longer have any gum issues?" He told me NO there is no guarantee and that the only guarentee in having healthy gums is to get Dentures. I have been wanting to go this route for 3yrs, but I kept getting told that I was "too young" for Dentures, "Don't you want to try to save your teeth?" Of course I would LOVE to have my real teeth, but it isn't the teeth that are the problem for the most part, it is the gum lines. I just want a healthy mouth. The gum lines have been a source of infection and those infections can release toxins into the rest of my body. I told the Dentist that I just want to get Dentures if that is the only way that I will have healthy gums. Actually, once all my teeth are extracted the "Gum Line" will heal and I will be left with "Ridges" for the Dentures to sit upon. I won't have a "gum line" like most do! The Dentist agreed that I was making a wise choice and we began the process. He was able to extract 6 teeth, but told me I had 4 that needed to be done by an Oral Surgeon.

I found an Oral Surgeon and had an initial appointment a couple weeks ago. he whole office staff was very warm and welcoming. The receptionist had a beautiful smile and was so friendly. I was telling her about my needing Dentures. She showed me her beautiful smile was from a Full Set of Dentures. I was amazed and super encouraged by that fact!

The BEST news of all: She will be able to complete ALL the work, including the Dentures all at her office. The other Dentist I started with could only do the extractions and then I would have had to go to another of their offices far from us and get the Denture work done!

I am a bit nervous about tomorrow and getting all the teeth extracted, but I am also very ready! My husband and boys are looking forward to the first 48hrs when I won't be talking much! LOL I know the "healing" time will be a new experience, but I also know God is with me through all this! I am so glad we purchased a Ninja Blender a month ago, as I know I will be using it quite a bit while I am on a soft diet during the "healing process" of 4-6 weeks.

I am NOT ashamed at the fact that I will be getting a full set of dentures right before my 40th B-Day(September). I know that my Dental issues are not of my doing, it is not something I did to myself, it was something that could not have been prevented. I am actually standing tall and proud and looking forward to being able to "Smile a Big Smile"! I can't remember when the last time I actually smiled a big smile was, not even in my wedding pictures! I am also looking forward to having to stop biting my nails and also the fact that I will probably lose some weight during the time that I am "toothless", while my gum line heals!

Most of all I am looking forward to having a "Healthy Mouth"!!

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Monday, May 7, 2012

LitFuse Blog Tour: Turning Guilt Trips into Joy Rides

About the Book:

Women today are busy, stressed, and guilt-ridden, yet they long to develop their spiritual sides. Turning Guilt Trips into Joy Rides offers inspirational thoughts based on scripture--brief enough to be read during a television commercial, yet insightful enough to open your eyes to the grace of God on days you change diapers and/or lead corporate meetings. Each reading suggests a "Guilt Trip to Avoid" and ends with a way to "Take the Joy Ride." The book includes six months of daily readings so that you may establish a habit of connecting with God. Readings are listed under the letters G-R-A-C-E, representing God, Relationships, Acceptance, Challenges and Emotions.

The coauthors hope these meaningful readings will help you deal with guilt--both real and imagined. By applying the insights shared in Turning Guilt Trips into Joy Rides, you may develop a calmer, less guilt-ridden life-style and become better equipped to function as wives, mothers and friends. Younger women often develop patterns of thinking and experience feelings of guilt that carry over into their mature years, so women of all ages will find this book helpful.

Check out how to Buy the Book

About the Authors:

Kim Messinger, Janine Boyer and Shirley Brosius had a common bond of Christian service when Christ drew them together for their first small group meeting in January, 1998.

Since then they have drawn closer through life’s joys and struggles and found God to be sufficient for their every need. They call themselves “Friends of the Heart” because their passion is to help women open their hearts and find joy in Christ. 

Kim and Janine supported Shirley in writing Sisterhood of Faith: 365 Life-Changing Stories About Women Who Made a Difference, which was released by Howard Publishing, a division of Simon & Schuster, in 2006.  More recently the three women worked together to write another devotional book, Turning Guilt Trips into Joy Rides. They have spoken at women’s retreats and events in five states. All three women live in Millersburg, Pennsylvania. Visit their website  for more info.

My Thoughts and Review:

Turning Guilt Trips Into Joy Rides is a Devotional Book that has 183 short devotionals. I like the fact that the book is not dated, but rather just by DAY 1, DAY 2, etc., this allows the reader to begin the book at any time. Getting "Rid of Guilt" is only done by the grace of God, so this book is divided into 5 sections based on the Acronym GRACE:
G=God  R=Relationships  A=Acceptance  C=Challenges  E=Emotions  

I have really been enjoying this devotional book! I get into the busyness of life and sometimes "connecting to God" doesn't seem to fit into the everyday. I am able to fit time in with this book because each devotional is short, about 2 minutes a day, but very to the point and very convicting. I can then reflect and pray over the reading for the rest of the day as I am in the car, doing chores, cooking or other daily activities. I really hope there is a Part 2 to this book as I really enjoy the book that much! 

Giveaway Hosted by the Authors: 

Guilt! She pokes you as you write about your quaint, eccentric aunt. She grabs you as you wander from e-mail to Facebook to laundry instead of focusing on your work. She kicks you as you complain about your husband to a friend.

Have you noticed? Women seem riddled with guilt. And it’s hard to know if guilt is legitimate or simply a product of our imaginations. After all, should we really feel guilty about things over which we have no control?

We are not perfect. We have no control over some things, so it's no use feeling guilty. We can't do it all.

To celebrate the release of Turning Guilt Trips into Joy Rides, Shirley, Janine and Kim are giving away some great prizes during the blog tour. Share your own "guilt trip" or "joy tip" and be entered to win a free life coaching consultation and a $50 gift certificate.

and share what trips you up, holds you back or any tips you may have for overcoming guilt and keeping your joy. Fill out the quick form at the link and you'll be entered to win a free life coaching consultation from one of us AND a gift certificate to to use to purchase whatever strikes your fancy!

Contest runs 4/23 - 5/12. Winner announced here on 5/14.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book as part of my participation in the LitFuse Blog Tour Program. I was only required to give an honest review. I received no other compensation and my opinions are my own. 

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

So Much To Do, So Little Time

I know it is old cliche but for the past few months it has been so true for me and therefore I have been "neglecting" my blog! 

January and February are normally when I really "sulk" due to SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder). I usually "perk up" when the weather starts getting warmer and I usually get on the move! I am still lagging behind and it already May and I am not sure why! I seem to have very little energy and just want to "hide out". I am such an outdoor person, so being that it is already May, I should be outside more, but haven't. I have been getting projects accomplished in my apartment, especially lots of decluttering, but I have been extremely exhausted lately. I am pretty sure I need to see a Dr. and see what is up. I am having a milestone birthday this year, so it could be that "AGE" is making me exhausted.

I did have Vein Surgery on March 9th, and it certainly has helped with my left leg. I am able to walk and stand and not have major swelling and pain in my left leg. The surgery was a great success. 

I am also happy to report that my 8yr old started Vision Therapy in mid February and he is doing quite well. He has Vision Therapy every Monday at 9:45am. We have to get up and drive my hubby to work by 8:30am. We then make the drive down to the IL Eye Institute for his 45 minute sessions. He will be on a mini break until the first week of June. IL Eye Institute is a teaching hospital, so with graduation and new students being assigned, he doesn't return until the first Monday in June. My parents live less then a mile from IL Eye, so we usually visit with them afterwards and have lunch there. Monday afternoons are either spent running errands, going to the library or going to one of our great local museums. We pick hubby up at work at 4:45pm and then come home. I am so exhausted on Monday's because of having the boys out and about all day!

This is me on Monday Nights!

The boys are all participating in Little League this year. The season is now in full swing. We have 2 different divisions that the boys are in. Josh is on the White Sox team for his Division and Nate and Danny are both on the Cubs for their division. Hubby and I got a good laugh at that because we are a White Sox family but my dad is a Cubs fan!! The next 2 months are going to be CRAZY busy with Practices and games. I just hope that they don't have games on the same day and times!

I have had many, many things that I wanted to blog about, but just haven't found the time to do so. I have done a few Pinterest projects that I have pics and more, family events and more. I hope to do some catching up very soon!

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