Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Life Altering Dental Procedure: I am getting Full Dentures

The day has finally arrived where I am going to get a life altering Dental Procedure done. I go to an Oral Surgeon tomorrow to have all of my teeth extracted! I have 17 teeth left and I will be getting them pulled and then it will be a process of 4-8 weeks before I have A Full Set of Dentures in my mouth!

I had Childhood Epilepsy(from age 5-16) and the medicine I took, Dilantin, caused my gums lines to recede very early in life. I do know by the time I was 14 my gum line was pretty much shot. I had my 2 front top teeth filled at age 14 and had other Dental work done over the years, but have always had major problems with my gums. My upper teeth has had a few issues of their own. I can't tell you when the last time I "Smiled pretty" for pictures because I have been so disatisfied with my gum line.

I was ready to have my gums "Scaled and Planed" and went to the Dentist at the end of March. He began examining me and took a full set of X-Rays, and he determined I would probably some Grafting, Scaling and Planing done. This procedure would cost a "pretty penny". I asked him "If I get all that work done, does it guarantee I will no longer have any gum issues?" He told me NO there is no guarantee and that the only guarentee in having healthy gums is to get Dentures. I have been wanting to go this route for 3yrs, but I kept getting told that I was "too young" for Dentures, "Don't you want to try to save your teeth?" Of course I would LOVE to have my real teeth, but it isn't the teeth that are the problem for the most part, it is the gum lines. I just want a healthy mouth. The gum lines have been a source of infection and those infections can release toxins into the rest of my body. I told the Dentist that I just want to get Dentures if that is the only way that I will have healthy gums. Actually, once all my teeth are extracted the "Gum Line" will heal and I will be left with "Ridges" for the Dentures to sit upon. I won't have a "gum line" like most do! The Dentist agreed that I was making a wise choice and we began the process. He was able to extract 6 teeth, but told me I had 4 that needed to be done by an Oral Surgeon.

I found an Oral Surgeon and had an initial appointment a couple weeks ago. he whole office staff was very warm and welcoming. The receptionist had a beautiful smile and was so friendly. I was telling her about my needing Dentures. She showed me her beautiful smile was from a Full Set of Dentures. I was amazed and super encouraged by that fact!

The BEST news of all: She will be able to complete ALL the work, including the Dentures all at her office. The other Dentist I started with could only do the extractions and then I would have had to go to another of their offices far from us and get the Denture work done!

I am a bit nervous about tomorrow and getting all the teeth extracted, but I am also very ready! My husband and boys are looking forward to the first 48hrs when I won't be talking much! LOL I know the "healing" time will be a new experience, but I also know God is with me through all this! I am so glad we purchased a Ninja Blender a month ago, as I know I will be using it quite a bit while I am on a soft diet during the "healing process" of 4-6 weeks.

I am NOT ashamed at the fact that I will be getting a full set of dentures right before my 40th B-Day(September). I know that my Dental issues are not of my doing, it is not something I did to myself, it was something that could not have been prevented. I am actually standing tall and proud and looking forward to being able to "Smile a Big Smile"! I can't remember when the last time I actually smiled a big smile was, not even in my wedding pictures! I am also looking forward to having to stop biting my nails and also the fact that I will probably lose some weight during the time that I am "toothless", while my gum line heals!

Most of all I am looking forward to having a "Healthy Mouth"!!

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Conny said... Best Blogger Tips

saying a prayer for y ou that all will go well! I had a gum tissue graft at age 22 under my front, lower 8 teeth - WORST, most horrible experience of my life. I'm glad I did it though as it did save my teeth (I just have inherited periodontal disease) ... but I was told I'd probably need a graft on the top at which point I will just say GIVE ME DENTURES too ... I don't care what age I am at the time. Never again a graft - ever. HOpe you recover well & are smiling pretty before too long!! :)

kt said... Best Blogger Tips

WoW! What a good attitude you have. I hope all goes well & you have a smooth & speedy recovery.

Karem said... Best Blogger Tips

I wish you well & pray for a speedy recovery.

rahul said... Best Blogger Tips

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