Friday, May 11, 2012

Oral Surgery Update

THANKS to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my Oral Surgery and Denture Journey. Yesterday was a LONG day but a very blessed day!

My appointment was for 9:30am. I was running a little late due to construction, but that turned out to be quite fine as the Oral Surgeon I had an appointment with was running late herself. I get there around 9:45am and the office is quite busy already. I found out that this Oral Surgeon is VERY busy on Thursday because 90% of her business is for Dentures. She is one of the only Oral Surgeons in the area who specializes in Dentures. Also, many of her patients are from local Nursing Homes, so she tries to take those patients first so they can get back to their facilities. I was completely patient and understanding of this policy. I waited and waited and started getting nervous around 12pm when I still hadn't been seen. My sister was using her lunch hour to come and pick me up and take me home and I didn't want to mess with her work schedule and also because I was anxious to get the extractions over with. I expressed my concern to the Receptionist and she prayed with me and for me! YES this Dentist office they are all Christians. The small office of a staff of 3 people and they are all Christian. Scripture and Christian posters on the wall and they are very encouraging in the office.

I finally got into the Dentist chair at 12:30pm. I had a few questions I needed to ask before I couldn't talk for the day. The Dentist started giving my the Novocaine all over my mouth as soon all questions were answered. YES, you read correctly. I had 17 teeth extracted under Novocaine only, I was not given General Anesthesia. I was OK with this because I have a high tolerance of pain. I must admit though the Novocaine shots to the roof of the mouth had me almost jumping out of the chair! OUCH! The Novocaine took affect within 5 minutes and then the extractions began. The Dr. was able to work fast and for the most part I didn't even realize that most of the teeth were out already. I almost ran from the chair when she began extracting the Bottom Front Teeth. OUCH, that seriously hurt like crazy! The front teeth were the easiest to pull, but they hurt the worst. All 17 teeth were extracted and all work completed within 45 minutes. The dentist did have to "stitch me up" along the gum line because of excessive bleeding. She told me that the Dilantin medicine had detoriated my gums and bone line so bad and that is why I was bleeding so bad. I completely believe that because I could NEVER brush my teeth without my gums bleeding. The stitches will dissolve within a couple of days by themselves.

I now am in the "healing" process. I will be toothless during this time, but I am OK with that. I know it will take some time for me to get used to not having any teeth and I already have done a couple things today that quickly reminded me of no teeth! LOL I have to allow my gums to heal up, as would any patient who gets all teeth extracted for Dentures. The normal healing time is about 3 weeks before the next appointment. I have to wait 5 weeks before I go back for the first impression of my mouth for them to create the Dentures. The Dilantin medicine really did some major damage to my gums and therefore I need more healing time. I go back on June 15th for the impression of my mouth. I will have to return a couple more times and then I should have my actual Dentures right around the 4th of July!

I am feeling very good today! I finally had some Mashed Potatoes around 5pm today. I was eating Smoothies, Ice Cream, and Pudding up until then. I have had very little pain and soreness, all the cold products helped greatly with that. I did take some Tylenol w/Codeine last night but it was more to help me sleep well then pain. I rested up today and have been relaxing in my comfy chair. I can talk normally, although if I talk too much it does feel funny. My right cheek looks like a "chipmunk" storing food, but I am sure that will do down in a day or 2. I will be on a soft and liquid diet until I get my actual Dentures, so I going to lose some weight. I am actually glad about that!! I know I can find many things to satisfy my hunger during this time and I will conform. My Ninja Blender and Yonanas machine are going to be put to good use!

I am feeling very blessed that I am going forward with this. I have had 4 Dentists in 3yrs confirm that all my Dental issues are completely from the Dilantin medicine I took as a child and there is NOTHING I could have changed to prevent this. I am excited moving forward and looking forward to the day I get the actual Dentures!! God is good and I am BLESSED!!

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