Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Homemade Orange All Purpose Cleaner

I began the New Year with a desire to make a valant attempt at doing "Homemade" products that we use in our home on a daily basis. I did quite a few in Januray and February, but "life" got busy and I started slacking. I picked it back up in May and have great success with a few products.

I really wanted to make a Homemade Orange All Purpose Cleaner, but didn't know if it was possible. I did a google search and came upon this one: Homemade Orange/Vinegar Cleaner.  I was very impressed that it seemed so simple and inexpensive. I already had a gallon jar and vinegar. I was needing to buy oranges to peel and freeze for smoothies, so I was excited! I purchased the oranges and got to work!

I peeled the oranges and put the peels in the gallon jar and bagged up the oranges in snack bags to be frozen. Once the jar was filled with orange peels and vinegar I decided to let it "Brew" for a month to really get more a citrus smell then vinegar.

Peeling Oranges 

Jar getting Full

Pouring in the Vinegar

Brewed for 2 weeks

Brewed for 1 month 

Straining the Orange Infused Vinegar


The "ingredients" 

All done and READY to USE
I am LOVING this Homemade Orange Cleaner. It was VERY easy to make and it does a great job at cleaning but also at disinfecting! I also like that a little spray goes a long way. My husband and boys do not like the smell as they feel it still smells too much like Vinegar. I truly smell the Orange smell over the Vinegar. I have since learned that this can be done with any kind of Citrus peels, so I might try Lemons or Limes in the future!

I am very pleased with this "Homemade" project!!

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