Monday, September 26, 2011

Anxious for October 1st

Why is October 1st a "Good Date" for me??? October 1st is the "end of summer" for me. Summer is my favorite season of the year because I like being outside and doing outside activites! I always make my summer last until October 1st.

The summer things I don't let go of until October 1st: Sandals: I wear my Sandals everywhere until October 1st, no gym shoes or closed toes shoes for me before then. Jeans: I don't wear jeans for long sleeves until October 1st. Capris and Shorts until October 1st. Summer Treats and Drinks: I love my SunTea and Cold Treat, so no giving those up until October 1st. Backpack Purse: I prefer to be "hands free" in the summer because we are always on the move and walking lots of places, so I use a "Backpack Purse" from May until October 1st. I just continue "Everything Summer" until October 1st!

I do get anxious for October 1st to come right around the last week of September. I look forward to "Fall Baking". Pumpkin Bread is a favorite around here and I start "craving" it around now. I look forward to "Comfort Foods". We have weekend tradition beginning the weekend in October. We always have a Soup and Bread night on Saturday night, having a different soup and bread each weekend. We will many times make enough that we have it both Saturday and Sunday night. I look forward to our Annual Apple Picking Day at Garwood Orchards in LaPorte, IN. Our family has been going to Garwood Orchards for 7 years now and we LOVE IT!! I look forward to Hot Drinks. I love Hot Tea and Hot Cocoa, no coffee for me! Have NEVER had it and have no interest in it. I always make Homemade Instant Hot Cocoa Mix. I make a "Sugar Free" version for myself and then a regular version for the rest of the family. Budget 101 has some great recipes for "making your own" of lots great everyday items! It takes exactly like the store bought version, without the cost. A container lasts us from October until Mid March! I look forward to Family Fun Activities for Fall and the Holidays. Living in a Big City like Chicago, there is always something fun to do. I also like that there are many FREE activities to enjoy here! I also look forward to watching the boys have fun with the falling leaves. I don't particularly like the falling because that is true sign of Fall, but the boys enjoy it. Hubby always teasing me at the sight of the leaves changing colors because he knows of my "saddness' over that!

I know you all are thinking crazy, but when you live in the Chicago area, summer is something you "relish" because of cold winters. I am also "stubborn" and don't want to let go of Summer, so I always make October 1st my first day of summer.

I will miss all my summer things, but it will be May in Chicago before long again and for now I begin to get anxious for October 1st, so I can enjoy "All Things Fall"!!  

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