Saturday, September 17, 2011

September=Football Season=Sunday Library Time

I love the month of September. It is my Birthday month, the start of Homeschool and the start of new routines and activities. I do not like Football too much though. It is a very confusing game. I do realize though that being the only female in this household, I am going to be subjected to Football season. I am not totally anti-sport, as I do enjoy Baseball(Chicago White Sox) and Hockey(Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Wolves). I could and would sit and watch those games, even attend a game. Football season just is not for me. It just seems like there are too many games on Sunday and it makes for a "LOUD" afternoon in this household.

I had gotten into the routine of making my meal plan on Saturday evenings and then grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons during the games. I am going to change things up a bit this Football season. I am going to be making my menu plan and grocery list on Friday Evening or early Saturday morning and then getting up early on Saturday morning and going to do the grocery shopping. The main stores I shop at open at 7am and I am an early riser, everyone else usually sleeps in until 9am. I can get the grocery shopping done and home again before anyone gets up.

I will now make use of my Sunday afternoons by taking my Laptop to one of the many local libraries and getting my Lesson Planning done for the week. I was able to download Illuminations onto my Laptop, in addition to our Desktop. Illuminations is an awesome program that goes along with Mystery of History. The Suburban libraries and even the Harold Washington Library in Downtown Chicago are open on Sundays during the school year, mainly from 1-5pm, some are open 11am-6pm. The Harold Washington Library is actually open on Sundays year round(excluding holidays). I will be able to get a lot accomplished by doing my lesson planning at the library, rather then at home. We live in a small 3 bedroom apartment, so I can't really escape the noise and concentrate fully while Football is on. Also, I find that the boys interupt me often while I am trying to get Lesson Plans done. I will also be able to check out any books that I will be needing for the coming week while I am at the library. I plan on "library hopping" each week, going to a different one each week. I know I will even get on the train and head downtown to go to the Harold Washington Library. I really love that our library system is open on Sundays.

I am very much looking forward to being able to get things accomplished on Sunday afternoons, while the boys and hubby do some "male bonding" watching Football.

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