Friday, September 2, 2011

School Supply Stock-Up

One of my favorite things of "Back to Homeschool" is the Back to School Shopping Season! I admit I am a "office supply, school supply" addict! I love love love Office Supplies and School Supply stuff, especially when you can get it soooo cheap! 

I was very disappointed in the Back to School Sales this year, the prices weren't as good as previous years, at least not until the last couple of weeks. I was getting little things here and there, but in the last 2 weeks I was able to really "stock up"! The stores I mainly shopped at this year and have the best Back to School sales every year are: Walgreens, Staples, Office Depot and Office Max. The Office stores have lots of penny and nickel deals during BTS. 

So here is what I purchased this year:

50 70pg Spiral Notebooks (these were 1¢ each at Office Depot)
4 Composition Books (these are specifically for me) (.25¢ each at Target)
25 1" Poly Binders  (.30¢ each at Office Max)
10 1.5" Poly Binders (.30¢ each at Office Max)
20 2 pocket folders (.1¢ each at Office Max)
6 24 ct packs of Crayola Crayons (.40¢ each at Wal-Mart)
6 100 ct packs of Index Cards (.39 each at Walgreens)
3 Index Card Holders (.39¢ each at Walgreens)
3 2pk Kid Scissors (.50¢ each at Office Max)
8 6pk Papermate Highlighters (.39¢ each at Walgreens)
1 6pk Bic Retractable Highlighter ($1 at Staples)
3 8x11" Dry Erase Boards with Marker ($1 each at Staples)
3 Dry Erase Lined Boards ($1 each at Target)
1 Avery Easy Peel Address Labels (750 labels) ($2 at Staples)
1 Drawing Pad ($1 at Dollar Tree)
1 Post it Note 12pk ($1 at Staples)
1 pk Play Money ($1 at Staples)
4 ID/Wallet Holders ($1 at Target)  I will use these to make ID's for Field Trips
2 File Organizer Folders ($1 each at Dollar Tree)
4 pks of Expo Washable Markers (Free after coupon at Walgreens)
24 Mini Spirals (purse sized) (.15¢ each at Walgreens) 
5 Clear Pencil Pouches (.5¢ each at Office Depot)
1 Pencil Box (.57¢ at WalMart)
2 1/2 sized Pencil Boxes (.25¢ each at WalMart)
1 4pk Dry Erase Marker Set ($1 at Staples)
1 100ct White Chalk ($1 at Dollar Tree)
1 60ct Bic Pens ($2 at Staples)
6 100ct Paper Clips (.33¢ each at Walgreens)
1 40ct Binder Clips ($1 at Staples)
18 10ct Papermate Pens (.29¢ each at Walgreens)
6 8ct Washable Markers (.15¢ each at Office Max)
6 10ct Boardline Markers (.15¢ each at Office Max)
9 10ct Fineline Markers (.15¢ each at Office Max)
12 Metal Compass (.1¢ each at Office Max)
21 Protractors (.1¢ each at Office Max)
21 Plastic Rulers (.1¢ each at Office Max)

I got an awesome stash this year for about $60 total!! I do have a couple more things to get that I haven't gotten yet, like Colored Pencils that will be on sale this weekend. I also need some Glue Sticks.I do share with family and friends as needed. I also stocked up on some things that were super cheap because of the lack of good deals this year, I never know what next year will bring as far as prices and items! 

Here are some pics of our supplies: 

Sorting everything and taking inventory

Nice and organized in the Supply Cabinet
Great "Stash"!! 

Found all these supplies when I decluttered and organized 
the Toy/School Room! 

Our awesome Bookshelves for our 
School Books and some Toys

I am very much looking forward to putting together Pencil Boxes and supplies for the boys before our "Back to Homeschool" day on Tuesday! I have always loved "new supplies" since I was very very young! 

4 more days until "Back to Homeschool Day"!! Looking forward to it!! 

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