Sunday, September 18, 2011

What a Weekend!

I had "grand plans" for this weekend, and though I didn't get to everything, I feel like I accomplished a lot!! 

Saturday morning I had some errands to run: Grocery shopping, 2 different libraries and Dollar Tree. I took Daniel, the 6yr old, with me. He was my "helper" for the day. We were able to get all our tasks done within 2 hours. I was going to continue by making some Pancakes, Waffles and French Toast for the freezer, but that did not happen. I ended up in my "big comfy chair" for the rest of the day because my Left Leg was swelled up and hurting something fierce. I have been diagnosed with Superficial Phlebitis and it has become chronic, an everyday thing. I have a Drs. appointment on October 6th and I sure hope for some answers as how to treat it. I am not comfortable with popping Ibuprofen a couple times a day, every day. I would rather it be treated some other way. I was able to watch Hallmark Channel which was running the Love Saga Series, movies based on Janette Oke books. LOVE that series! Had a relaxing day and my leg started feeling better late in the night. 

Sunday morning our family has to be at church by 8:30am. Hubby and I have our Sunday Morning Adult Bible Fellowship class and the boys have "Sonshine Club" at 9am. Sonshine Club is choir for kids in 1st-5th Grade. Hubby and I then attend church service from 10am-11:15am while the boys are in their Sunday School classes. Today hubby had a meeting with one of the Pastors at 11:30am, so the boys and I went to grab lunch at McDonald's, dollar menu items. We picked hubby back up at 12:45pm and came home. I had all my stuff ready so I can go the the Library and get the weekly lesson plans completed. I headed to the Brookfield Public Library and was there from 2pm-5:30pm and I got everything planned and printed. Brookfield Public Library has Wireless printing. I was using my laptop, but was able to print to the library printers! YEAH! I checked out some books for use with our studies this week and headed to Office Depot. I made a few photocopies at Office Depot and came home. I had some dinner and then I set to work. I got the School/Toy room cleaned and organized. I put all the boys Weekly Assignment Sheets in their individual totes and organized the school books. We are all set for the week. I also tackeled the boys bedroom today. I had washed and folded the clothes a couple days ago, I was finally able to get them put away tonight. The Front Room is also looking mighty fine. I had an awesome Sunday! 

I am so THANKFUL to God for giving me the energy today to accomplish what I didn't do yesterday. I am sure that he will help me accomplish more tasks that were planned for the weekend tomorrow and the apartment will be in order! I am very much a person of "order" and love when things are in place! Today everything really was in place and I am very grateful for that! 

Have a blessed week!  I am very much ready for the week and to uncover what God has planned! 

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Dawn said... Best Blogger Tips

I *LOVE* productive weekends! Sounds like you got a lot done and are ready for the week. YAY! Blessings!

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