Sunday, September 25, 2011

Superficial Phlebitis

The picture above is a good description on how I spend my nights and some weekends. Sitting in a big chair with my feet reclined/propped up due to Superficial Phlebitis. I am sure my Facebook and Twitter friends are "tired" of hearing about my leg issues. LOL LOL LOL

I am very very lucky that I am in general good health. I very rarely get "sick" as in Winter colds and such. I have a yearly check up and bloodwork and all my numbers are in the healthy range. I have had an EKG recently and my heart is in good health. I do worry about potential Health problems like Heart, Kidney and Diabetes as they do tend to run in the family. I am trying to do my best to prevent those issues, the most important thing to prevention is losing weight, which I really need to start on, like yesterday. Procastination is one of my weaknesses though. All in all, I am general good health.

I do have one issue that has been bothering me a lot lately. I was re-diagonsed with Superficial Phlebitis last October. What is Superficial Phlebitis?? Basically the Veins in my leg are coming to close to surface. Superficial Phlebitis causes tingling and the leg is red and warm to the touch. I had it for the first time when I was pregnant with my youngest in 2004. I was told it would go away after giving birth, which it did, but it could return at anytime in the future.

I started having issues again last September after taking a fall in the kitchen at our church on August 27th, 2010. I was officially re-diagnosed last October and been having issues since then. I have been to the Dr. numerous times since then only to be informed there really isn't a cure and the best treatment is "rest the leg by propping it up". I do have a wonderful Chair and Ottoman, but to tell a mom of 3 busy boys to "rest the leg" isn't just going to happen. I also like to get and do things and be on the go, so more often then not the leg isn't getting rested. I was also told walking and stretching it would help, but that only makes it 10x worse. I like to go out walking with the boys and I still do, because I have to keep them busy! My nightly routine now includes taking 2 Ibuprofen at around 7pm and propping my leg up on the ottoman with a Rice Sock. I am one who tries to not take too many over the counter meds or meds in general, but the Ibuprofen helps so I take it!

The past 3 days have been really frustrating in dealing with this. We had an awesome day at the Zoo on Thursday and had a load of fun. We were there for about 5 1/2 hrs and did a ton of walking. I wasn't in any pain until we came home and OH MY!! my leg was swelled up "crazy big" and my leg was super tingly. I took some ibuprofen and propped the leg up on the ottoman. Friday all day was a bad day also, still hurting a lot. We had to take a "sick day" from Homeschool because of the leg and my oldest was also sick. Saturday I was feeling a bit better, I was even able to sit at the computer and get some things done for a couple of hours. I had my leg propped up on a step stool under my computer desk. I took my "nightly" dose of Ibuprofen and got things ready for church this morning and got stuff ready for "Lesson Planning Sunday" and relaxed in my chair for the night. I woke up this morning and my leg was in a lot of pain. The second my foot hit the floor the leg was tingling a lot and was warm to the touch. I was in a lot of pain, which is not normal in the morning. Mornings are normally better for me, but this morning I just couldn't even barely walk. Hubby and the boys got up and went to church and left me home alone. I sat in my chair, legs propped up on the ottoman all morning. I kept entertained by watching TV and reading a book all morning. I have taken 3 doses of Ibuprofen today, when I normally only need one dose a day.

I have a Drs. appointment on October 6th, that is the soonest I can get an appointment. The appointment is with my new Resident Dr and my long time Attending Dr. I am going to request a referral to a Specialist for Vein issues. I am hoping if I see someone who specializes in Vein issues we can get a clearer treatment plan in place. I want to better understand Superficial Phlebitis and what I can do to feel more comfortable. I do not want to "live" on a daily dose of Ibuprofen. I want to be active with my boys and I also want to be active for myself. Our family is going to be rejoining the local Y soon and I want to be able to participate without hinderance.

I am very grateful that I am blessed with Good General Health. I am praying that I can get answers soon as to my leg pain!

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