Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 9

Ohhhh I loathe weeks where we just get the basics done, but it was much needed this week. I am still having chest pains off and on and trying to take it easy when necessary. I also didn't take many pictures this week because we were so relaxed this week. A recap of our week:

Monday: We "skipped" school all together because the boys and I left around 12PM to head down to my parents house so the boys can spend some time down by my parents for Trick or Treating and Pizza Dinner. I took the boys out for about 2hrs and we covered lots "Ground". The boys had tons of fun and got "enough" candy. My dad had picked up some Pizza Set ups and my mom cooked them up while we were out. My hubby came over after work for dinner and to pick us up.(we took the bus to my parents). It was a wonderfully, fun day!

Tuesday: The activities from the day before "Wiped" us out! We ended up doing Math, Reading, and Spelling in the afternoon and called it a day! I was about to take them to the park and started having Chest Pains so I relaxed for a bit and then just stayed in.

Wednesday: Wednesday we were able to get Math, Reading and Spelling completed. Josh also did Easy Grammar. We left our place around 2:30pm to head to church. I help out in the kitchen before and after our Wednesday night supper. The boys read or watch DVD's while I am helping. They head to AWANA after dinner. We arrive home around 9pm! We love our church Family and our church and it is a joy to serve on Wednesday!

Thursday: We were able to get in Spelling, Math, Reading and Easy Grammar. I had a rough afternoon with my Left Leg issues. I ended up being in my "Comfy Chair" all afternoon, so we didn't accomplish anything else we needed too. I had Nate and Danny work on some "educational websites" online in the afternoon and we called it a day!

Friday: Josh began using a new Cursive program. I can't talk much about it yet because it is a product review. I can say that we are both very excited about it. We also got Spelling, Reading and Math done! I spent the afternoon cleaning the apartment and taking it easy.

We are going to being Thanksgiving activities next week. I have many Ebooks, Lapbooks and Unit Studies that I have "collected" over the years. My favorite resource for Thanksgiving Activites is Audrey's Thanksgiving Page. A couple more resources I have found over the years are: Thanksgiving Unit Study and Thanksgiving Lapbook. I will be sharing more resources as we go through the weeks! We are hosting my parents for Thanksgiving and I am going to be doing lots of craft projects with the boys and will be posting pics over the next couple of weeks!

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like more than the basics to me! LOL You did lots of things this week despite not feeling 100%! Be sure to take some time for YOU though!

Thanks for stopping by! No more snow! LOL But it won't be long before we're COVERED with snow. (I just hope it's not a season of snow measured in FEET.)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I was going to say the exact thing as the first commenter. I am also looking forward to reading your review of the cursive program. Take Care, and thank you for sharing.
Discovering Montessori

MissMOE said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope you can relax and feel better--chest pains are scary. Looking forward to your review.

Laurie said... Best Blogger Tips

Our Tuesdays look similar! Hope you are feeling better. My son wants to learn cursive, so I look forward to reading your review.

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