Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 13

I am THANKFUL for the Neighborhood we live in!! We live in Berwyn, IL and have lived here since December 8th, 2006. The neighborhood is very family friendly and has many great parks and activities for the family!

I never would have even imagined us living in Berwyn, as I was set on a different neighborhood, Forest Park, but after living here for almost 5yrs I am soooo happy we live in Berwyn! We are renters and live in a 3 Bedroom Apartment. Our apartment is on a 6 lane main street, so there is no outdoor play area for my boys, but that is OK! Berwyn has lots of parks in walking distance of our apartment and we utilize the parks every chance we get. Berwyn is divided into North Berwyn and South Berwyn both have Park Districts and then there is the Berwyn Recreation Center. The boys have played in Little League a couple years, but not consistently. The Parks here are so awesome that we don't miss having any outdoor play area right outside our apartment.

I also like the fact that we have so many stores and other things in walking distance. We live directly across the street from an Aldi, we have a Shopping Mall 6 blocks away which has Sears, Kohls, JCPenney, and all the typical mall stores. There is also a Plaza in walking distance that has Office Depot, Anna's Linens and more there. The Plaza will be adding a Meijer Grocery store next summer, it is being built right now. The community is being "built up" also. Restaurants and Coffee Shops galore, especially in Downtown Berwyn, near the Train Depots. 4 blocks from our place they are building a new strip mall that will have 6 corporate stores there. Buffalo Wild Wings just opened last weekend there, with 5 more stores/restaurants opening in the coming months. I LOVE being able to walk to stores and more in our neighborhood, plus with so much so close we are able to support our local community without having to drive to other neighborhoods.

The City of Berwyn also hosts many family friendly activities and events that are either FREE or super cheap. I like that I can call village hall and they try their best to help us with any problems!

We are close enough to the city of Chicago and the Trains and Buses connect to where we can get Downtown very easily. We are very much centrally located to the City of Chicago and many other surround suburbs!

I am THANKFUL for our Neighborhood! We love it so much that when we decide to buy a house in the next couple of years(hopefully) that we plan to buy in Berwyn!

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Conny said... Best Blogger Tips

for some reason, your posts are late in shownig up on my google reader where I track all my blogs :( but never the less, this one jsut came up TODAY!!
I think I am a "city" girl - and I miss shopping being so convenient. We have ONLY a Walmart (and an overly priced grocery store) where we live so we drive 25 miles to Aldi (my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE place to shop!!). Your little part of town sounds like my kind of place. We own a house on 1 1/2 acres ... and we've found we don't really LIKE yard work at all :( Much easier when we rented & had someone else do it!! LOL Although maybe we're just LAZY ... ??! :)

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