Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Product Review: Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker and Hot Water System

I LOVE a good cup of Hot Cocoa or Hot Tea, but I don't like the time it takes for the Tea Kettle to boil the water on the stove. My husband loves Coffee, but only had a 5 cup coffee maker, which must have been 5 "shot glasses" sized cups, because the coffee went fast. I was on the hunt for a "machine" that would boil my water faster and also a bigger Coffee Pot for my husbands coffee. I was thinking nothing of the kind existed, but I found it in the Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable CoffeeMaker and Hot Water System.

I purchased the Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable CoffeeMaker and Hot Water System in April of this year and I LOVE it!! The 12-Cup Coffee Maker is separate from the Hot Water System, so the 2 flavors never mix. The Carafe for the Coffee Maker has a heat pad under it, so it keeps the Coffee Hot and Fresh for a few hours. The Coffeemaker can also be set up the night before and programmed so it brews the coffee right before waking up and Hot Coffee is ready and waiting! The "Brew Pause" feature is an excellent feature when you don't want to wait for the coffee to completely brew. I am able to pause the brewing, slip a coffee mug where the carafe should be and fill the mug and then continue brewing in carafe. The Hot Water System holds 56oz of Water and heats the water in about 2 minutes. The Water Reservior keeps the Water hot for up to 6hrs, LOVE this feature as I like multiple cups of tea or cocoa a day. I like being able have hot water ready all day rather then having to reheat the tea kettle.  The Hot Water System is so easy to use that all my boys, (ages 9, 8 and 7) are able to heat the water and serve themselves, something that they couldn't do with a tea kettle because it involves fire and hot kettle. The Hot Water system is also great for any hot water needs such as soups, oatmeal and more. I am very happy that I found the Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker/Hot Water System because I LOVE it so much. I have less clutter on my counters also due to having 2 appliances in 1.

The Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker/Hot Water System retails for $99.95 and can be purchased through the Cuisinart Website and many retailers across the country.

I highly recommend this product as it has many great features and can be used by all ages!!

Disclosure: This product review is for the purpose writing a review. Cuisinart nor anyone provided the 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker/Hot Water System to me. The opinions expressed are my own and I received no compensation for this review.

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