Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 4

I am THANKFUL for my oldest son, Joshua! Joshua is 9yrs old and very mature, responible and smart for his age. Joshua is such a wonderful kid and I really glad he is my son! The saying around here is that he is a "Clone of his Dad".

Joshua has a love for learning and is very independent, even at 9yrs old! He enjoys being active, enjoys outdoor activities in both summer and winter, Baseball(both playing and watching), he loves the Chicago White Sox and other Chicago sports teams, he also enjoys Church Activities and is growing each day in his faith! He favorite hobby is Reading, he is a bookworm just like me! He loves loves loves going to the library and is very much into many types of books. His favorite author is Rick Riordan, an author I suggested to him earlier this year. He has liked the Left Behind Kids Series and the Warrior Series by Erin Hunter. His just started reading the Harry Potter(his dad allowed it) and he is enjoying that series also. He also loves computer time/activities! Josh also is super helpful and does take his "man of the house" role when daddy isn't here to heart. He loves his younger brothers, even through the sibling rivarly. LOL I really am Thankful that he is responsible and trust worthy, not something you find often in 9yr olds. I have been allowing him more responsibilities as he is showing us how responsible he is and he is enjoying that!

I am very THANKFUL for Joshua!! He is an amazing son! I look forward to seeing him continue to grow and mature and love the Lord!

Joshua - Online Slideshow Creator

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