Monday, November 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 11/14

I am getting really frustrated trying to stay within a decent grocery budget and being able to keep "3 Growing and Hungry" boys feed! My oldest is a "picky eater" and doesn't like some of the things I put on the menu plan, even asking for his choices. I go grocery shopping on the weekend and do try to do prep work, but it seems like there is a trip to the store almost every other day. These boys are costing me sooo much money and it has to slow down! I Would really like to stay within $450 grocery budget each month. I am open to any ideas or suggestions to make that happen!

Here is our menu for the week:

Weekly Menu Plan 11/13-11/19

For more weekly Menu Plans and Recipes visit:

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Miz Helen said... Best Blogger Tips

Your menu plan for the week looks so good. We just love that over night crock pot oatmeal, it is so good. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful week!
Miz Helen

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

My grocery budget is $300 a month right now for five of us and it's becoming more difficult every week to make it work. Prices are going up and growing season is over for the year, so it's definitely a challenge to feed everyone healthy foods and not go over budget!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

<-- wonders how Sara can feed her family for $300/month!

Looks great! Would you believe I made a menu for dinner this week? LOL

Angel said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm having the same problem! As food prices rise and our income shrinks, it seems like my boys are eating more and more!

Janie said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my! I'm stopping by for leftovers!!!
That all sound so good :)

Stopping by from MPM

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