Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yearly Eye Exams

Today was "that time of year" for yearly eye exams for all 3 boys! We have been going to Illinois Eye Institute for the whole family for about 5 yrs now. Illinois Eye Institute is part of the Illinois College of Optometry, so the examining Drs. are Residents and then they are followed up by the Attending. They are very very through in their exams and each exam takes about 60-75 minutes.  

The boys all were scheduled for 9am. Harlin(hubby) had the day off of work and that is why we scheduled them for today. He went in with Daniel, I went in with Nathan(because I understand Nathan's vision issues best) and Joshua went in a room next door so we were "room hopping" checking on him for awhile. Daniel, 6yr, he has no vision issues, yet. I am sure down the line he will, seeing as almost everyone on both sides has vision issues.

Nathan, 7yr was diagnosed with Convergence Excess in Oct 2009. He was prescribed Bi-Focals in March 2010 and has been wearing Bi-Focals since June 2010. I can honestly say it has not only helped his vision but his behavior issue also. Nathan "appeared" to have all the signs and symptoms of ADHD, but "mommy instinct" kept kicking in and saying that wasn't the issue. I had been noticing his eyes were never focused properly and he could "cross" his eyes to the center in a spilt second LITERALLY.  I was very happy that he was diagnosed with Convergence Excess. I also found this blog about a boy who was diagnosed with Convergence Insufficency(the direct opposite, but very much associated "sister" to Convergence Excess). The mom describes how her son was diagnosed with ADHD only to have a vision issue diagnosis 2yrs later. The mom soon discovered that a child with an issue of Convergence of the eye, can and will seem like they have ADHD. The reality is though, that the vision issue is the cause of this because of the inability to literally FOCUS. Focus their eyes/vision and not their brain. I can see now how the Bi-Focals have truly helped Nathan. I know that if he were in the Public School system he would have been "labeled" ADHD a long time ago. I am so glad I trusted my instincts and kept up with his eye exams. I am also very grateful to the very through eye exams and the great Eye Care Drs. at IL Eye Institute!! Nathan did very well today at his exam. He didn't need a change in prescription but we did pick out new frames and he will be getting a new pair of glasses soon.

Joshua, 8yr old, was also diagnosed today with Convergence Excess. His condition is not as drastic or noticeable as Nathan's. He was also prescribed Bi-Focals, up from just having Reading Glasses for the last year. He picked out frames also today. For now he is to continue wearing his reading glasses as before.

I wised up from last year. I allowed Nathan to pick out hard plastic frames last year and we have had so much trouble with those frames. I told them that this year they needed to pick out steel frames with the flexible hinges. They both found some really nice frames that will look great on them! The only drawback to getting glasses from IL Eye is that there is usually a 2-3 month wait to get the glasses back because the high amount of orders they do from there and because they send them out to a place that has a back log of orders a lot. We don't mind the wait, as IL Eye is an amazing place!!

Harlin and I will be going for our exams near the end of the month. We have to schedule on different days as they dilate adult eyes so the one not getting examined has to be the driver home.

I am very glad for a wonderful place for Eye Care for our family!

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