Tuesday, March 8, 2011

AHHHH, Spring Produce prices!

A sure sign that Spring is just around the corner is when I can go to the Fruit Market and the prices are much lower! We love our fresh fruits and veggies in this household, but in the winter it seems we eat less variety because the prices are just too expensive. A weekly staple in our house is grapes, but in the winter we barely have any because prices can reach $3/lb.

Today was shopping day for the week and I went to 3 different stores: Aldi's , a local Fruit and Meat Market called Familia Foods and Super Tony's. The 3 stores are all within 6 blocks of my apartment.

First stop was Aldi's for our weekly "basics". I then headed over to Familia Foods where I "scored" on some Fruit, Veggies and Deli Meat.

I purchased 7 California Oranges @ .39¢/lb, 8 Honey Tangerines @ .49¢/lb, 6 Granny Smith Apples @ .49¢/lb, 6 Red Delicious Apples @ .79¢/lb, 4 Tomatoes @ .59¢/lb, 2 Cantelopes @ .59¢ each, 1 3lb bag of Yellow Onions @ .99¢, 35 Loose Bananas at .10¢ each, 2 lbs of Polish Ham @ $1.99/lb, Quesadilla Cheese @ $2.49/lb, 1 box of Frosted Flakes @ $2.50(for hubby). Here are some pics of the fruit!


I purchased 20 bananas that were "over ripe" so we can make some Banana Bread and Banana Muffins. 15 bananas are just right for eating, and we will snack on those!

I headed over to Super Tony's where I purchased some Deli meat and cheese from the Deli counter, some Paczki's @ .59¢ each, Grapes @ .88¢/lb and Oreos(for hubby).

I am super excited to see the low prices on Fresh Fruit and Veggies. I can start making my 2x a week run to the fruit market. We eat a ton of fruit and veggies from March until October, we eat less after October due to the prices being so high. I make sure they get fruit and veggies in other forms though.

Now I just have to wait on Whole Seedless Watermelon to get down to about $4 a watermelon. I won't spend more then that on a Whole Watermelon, but I love love love watermelon!

Yummo Yummo Yummo Spring Produce!!

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