Thursday, March 17, 2011

First "Park Day" of 2011

Woohoo!! We had a beautiful day here in Chicago, although a bit cloudy, the weather was warm enough for a Park Day. We love Park Days and we took full advantage of the 66° weather today!

We began our day by starting to cook about 10lbs of Corn Beef. I make a Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner every year for our family and one for my dad. Harlin did most of the work, while the boys and I did some computer stuff. Both dinners were ready by 1pm. We got everything packaged up. Covered our dinner up and put it in the microwave, so it will stay warm. We headed out to my dad's, who lives near Sox Park. The boys helped my dad with a few small chores at his apartment(took out the garbage, filled the fridge with bottled water and cans of pop, and emptied his money canister in their money jug). We left there around 2:15pm. Came back out to our area and headed to our favorite park, Proksa Park! It was starting to really get cloudy and chilly, but it was still a good day for the park.

Here are some pics from our day:

I actually ran into a friend of mine from High School while at the Park. We only got to chat for a few minutes, but it was cool! My boys were playing with her son!

We let the boys play for an hour and then we headed to the library so I can pick up a couple of books on hold. We got home around 4pm and our dinner was still piping hot!

I am very glad we took advantage of this warm weather because it might the only one for a week or 2. The forecast is calling for rain, snow and cold starting tomorrow.

Looking forward to many more Park Days this Spring and Summer!

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