Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Cleaning Time

I am going to have a busy week ahead, as I have declared it Spring Cleaning week in our household. The weather outside doesn't feel like Spring yet, snow and cold are expected this week, so I think it is a great week to Spring Clean. Also, we don't have anything planned for this week, therefore it is really a beneficial week. Even though, one of my favorite blogs/forums is hosting a Spring Cleaning Week April 4-8, I am going to jump ahead a week and then finish up the week of the event.

We will do our school plans in the mornings and Spring Cleaning after lunch. I plan on tackling one room a day and getting it decluttered and cleaned up.I will tackle every inch and corner of each room as I clean and make sure it gets a good "deep clean".

 My goal and schedule for the week:
Sunday: Kitchen and Front Room (both don't need a lot of work, so we can tackle 2 in one day)
Monday: Toy Room/School Room
Tuesday: Boys Bedroom
Wednesday: Our Bedroom
Thursday: Bathroom
Friday: Kitchen Cabinets (especially "TupperWare" and Pots and Pans cabinets)
Saturday: Hoping to be done, but if not, finish up any loose stuff

Well that is all good and will take care of the "outward appearance", the "inward appearance" is also a good place to "Spring Clean". I was searching for an image to include above and came across an awesome blog post about "Spring Cleaning the Heart, Part 1".  Spring Cleaning the Heart, Part 2, and Spring Cleaning the Heart, Part 3.  I am going to print those posts out and utilize them during my Spring Cleaning week and have a "heart cleaning" also. I am also going to dig up a great devotional that I had printed a while back and "pushed to the wayside" after using it for a few weeks. Create in Me A Clean Heart is a great Devotional for helping those who might be "Disorganized". I am actually a "organized" person, on the outward side, by nature, but having 3 young boys and a husband, it doesn't seem like it. Although, on the inside any disorganization is not anyone's fault but my own. So as I go about my apartment this coming week, I will also be "spring cleaning" my heart!

My Scripture Verse for this week:
Psalm 51:10-11 Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from your presence, and take not your Holy Spirit from me.

I will post updates each day of my progress in both areas of "spring cleaning" tasks, outward and inward. I know that with God on my side I can and will accomplish these tasks! 

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