Monday, March 28, 2011

My Brush with "Road Rage"

I hear stories of Road Rage and how much damage, hurt or deadly is can be. I always feel so sad for victims of road rage. Well, I almost became a victim myself today.

Today was my weekly grocery shopping trip. I started out at Aldi's, which is across the street from my house. Joshua, almost 9, and myself went and did our shopping there and was back in the car in about 20 minutes. We begin driving southbound in the parking lot to get to the other end to get out onto Harlem Ave. A vehicle was coming 60mph out of one of the aisles. He was only an arm's length away from hitting our car, but I stopped in time. I beeped my horn at him to let him know "Slow Down". I let him come out and turn to go north and I continue south. All of a sudden he makes a U-turn and comes racing after me. I got frightened, held onto the wheel tight and instead of turning out onto Harlem, I turned to go to the back part of the parking lot. I got to back, turned and went north. He was still following me at high rates of speed. I am still holding tight, driving and by this time I am also giving out "frightened screams".  He swerved around pedestrians. My son is in the back calling 911 and trying to get the plate number. I turned down one of the aisles that was a little busy. He lost sight of me and turned down the next aisle.  He almost caught up to me at the end of the aisle, but I drove past him going west  while he was heading east. He finally gave up and zoomed out onto Harlem going SouthBound at high rate of speed.

I pulled over in the parking lot near a vehicle that had a male putting groceries in the car. By this time 911 was on the phone, so I got on the phone and told the dispatcher what had happened, but that I was able to elude him. She made sure that we were OK and made sure I didn't want a cop out there. I told her we were good and THANK YOU!!

I took a couple of minutes to compose myself and then went onto finish the shopping and running a couple of errands.

I know God was watching over and protecting us today! Road Rage is serious and I found out today how angry people can get. I am so glad God was protecting my son, myself and our vehicle from such anger and didn't allow the crazy man to catch up to us!!

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kt said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my! How scary!!!

Josh said... Best Blogger Tips

i was there trust me it was scary come see my blog news from joshuas world

Josh said... Best Blogger Tips

i was there trust me it was scary come see my blog news from joshuas world

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