Friday, March 4, 2011

Homemade Fruit Smoothies

Fruit Smoothies are a favorite here in our household. We usually have them for breakfast at least once a week and for snacks a couple times a week.

I buy a 5lb bag of Frozen Strawberries and  from either Sam's Club or Costco once a month. I purchase Mixed Berries and Mixed Frozen Fruit in smaller bags from Aldi's about once a month. We had been stuck in a rut of just Strawberry Smoothies until I came up with an idea about 18 months ago for freezing our own fruit. I personally like bananas for smoothies, but no one really sells Frozen Sliced Bananas anywhere. I purchased a couple bunches of bananas from the produce store and peeled, sliced and bagged them. We froze them and used some in smoothies the next day and it worked wonderfully that we have been doing this every since. I really like the "Frothy" ness of frozen bananas, they are much more creamier then regular bananas. I also like the added benefit of not having to use ice in our smoothies. The Frozen fruit is your "ice".

A couple months ago, Nathan(7yr) began asking me if we could make orange smoothies. I finally got around to buying oranges this past week when I found them on sale for .39¢/lb.

I purchased 9 oranges. I peeled and sectioned them and put them in quart sized bags. We froze them for a couple of days. Today we made some orange smoothies and  !!! They are ohhh so good! We are going to try Strawberry Orange and other varieties using orange very soon!

A friend of mine shared with a fabulous link for tons of smoothies recipes: Smoothie Web. I really like Smoothie Web because there are so many different recipes for smoothies and they are all categorized very nicely! I am going to start sneaking in Flax Seed into our smoothies for added nutrition!

A few weeks ago while at Bed, Bath, and Beyond  I came across something that every household should have . I found a 50ct. bag of Milkshake Straws for $1.99. I like the fact that they are thick and round and also reusable!

Homemade Fruit Smoothies are one of our favorite things. I am so thankful to my 7yr old for thinking about Orange smoothies and that I was able to freeze the ones we purchase at the Produce store!

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Leigh said... Best Blogger Tips

So glad I found you on money saving mom off of FB....I am raising a 6 yr old grandson...trying to eat healthier around here!

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