Monday, February 28, 2011

Wow!! Last day of February already!

I know February is the shortest month of the year, but is seemed to zoom by fast this year. It has been a long month for us, mainly because I was "stuck in the house" most of the month".

We started the month off with a Blizzard that dumped 22" of snow on Chicagoland. The weather improved enough and warmed up, that 2 weeks after, it was completely melted and gone. It was fun while it lasted. LOL I am not much a winter person, but I know my boys enjoyed it.

My 6yr old had his  Tonsil and Adenoids removed.  I can honestly say it has made a world of difference for his sleeping habits and he is a much better sleeper now. I am so glad I kept pursing it with his Drs. Danny and I were pretty much "homebound" from Feb 10th through Feb 23rd while he recovered.

I have been playing catch up this past week with cleaning and errands, therefore I have been quiet here on my blog. LOL!

I am so looking forward to March arriving!! I am hoping the "worst" of winter is behind us and the weather begins to improve. I am an "outdoor" type of person and I want to get out and about in warmer, sunnier weather! Spring is my favorite time of the year because of 'new life" on the trees and gardens, warmer weather, open windows and wonderful breezes and much more!!

My boys and I love going to the parks. We don't have a backyard for them to play in, so the parks are our "backyard". In a 2 mile radius of our place are about 5-6 parks. We have a "routine" where we get our school done early in the morning so we can have "picnic lunch" in the park and be in the park before all the kids get out of school for the day. Our favorite park in our town is Proksa Park. The park covers a 2 block radius and has tons of beautiful trees. Mater of fact, it has 66 different varieties of trees in the park. Each tree has a steel plaque on it that has the name of the type of tree it is. The play equipment is huge and very nice! The have picnic tables all around the area, including right by the play equipment. I am able to keep an eye on the boys while I read a book or two. There are many times the boys and I go out to the park during the day and then return later in the evening after dinner or even bring dinner to the park. Proksa Park is about 2 miles from our house, but there are many days the boys and I will walk there! We make a day of it and stop at the library on our way(it serves as a bit of a "rest stop" for our walking.) and have a library day also.

We also enjoy Brookfield ZooNavy Pier and the many other Museums and Attractions that the Chicagoland area has to offer! My boys have been asking to go to Lincoln Park Zoo. We have only been there once before as a family and it was when the boys were little, so they don't remember. I am hoping for a good weather day soon, so we can make a trip there!

We love the public transportation system here in Chicagoland and we tend to use that when going downtown as it is much cheaper then parking. We might be using it more often with the cost of Gas going up so drastically right now. We have a bus stop basically right outside our front door and it takes us right to the train that takes us downtown. There is even a bus that takes us right to the front doors of  Brookfield Zoo. We have taken that a few times and we enjoy doing that!

I am very much looking forward to March and warmer weather! We should also be receiving our Tax Refund this month and we will be able to renew our memberships to various places. This will allow "unlimited" fun for the year! I must say though I know how to plan Family Fun activities for FREE or nearly FREE.

I am so looking forward to the warmer weather, that tomorrow I will be changing the background and template on my blog to a more "Springy" look!! I already have it all picked out, just need to change it!

Goodbye February, see ya next year!!

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