Sunday, February 6, 2011

Library Day

Libraries are an awesome place! We have so many libraries here in Chicagoland that I have access to! I really like that you can borrow books and then return them. No cost to you and no bookshelf after bookshelf piling up of books that you only read once and then piling up "looking pretty" in your house or apartment.

I really look forward to my Library Days!! I really  Enjoy reading and love libraries, but I especially like the Oak Lawn Public Library. They have a large selection of the genres of books that I like to read and a wonderful staff! The Oak Lawn Library is not my "home" library and I love the staff at my home library which is Berwyn Public Library. The majority of the staff at the Berwyn Public Library know me by my first name and are extremely helpful and nice!

I get the majority of my books from the Oak Lawn Library and then quite a bit more from the Berwyn Library, most of the time I have about 40-50 books checked out on my card at at time. I usually have about 15 books that we are using in our homeschool studies, about 20 or so Christian Fiction and then the rest are books in the other genres I enjoy. Both libraries allow for 3 week check outs and 1 3 week renewal, so ultimately I have the books for 6 weeks. This works especially well for the Oak Lawn Library as it is about 10 miles from my place, although very well worth the traveling every 6 weeks!

I have books due back at the Oak Lawn Library this Thursday the 10th, but I won't be able to go that day, so I am going to go either tomorrow or Tuesday. I would rather go Monday, as the rest of the week is going to be frigid cold, but I might not be fully prepared to go tomorrow. I have to do my research and get my list ready and I don't really want to stay up late and get up early to complete the list. I also want to be able to do some shopping while I am out in that area(my favorite thrift stores are near the library) and I think our State Refund will be deposited on Tuesday so I would have some spending money then! I also have a coupon for a FREE combo meal at Corner Bakery, so when I go I am going by myself and will probably have dinner by myself after the library and then so some shopping!

Library Days are awesome and I really look forward to Library Days!  

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