Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard Shuts Down Chicago-Land

I had been hoping and wishing all since the beginning of January for a storm that would have us "snowed in" for a couple of days. I don't mind because I don't have to go out much since we homeschool. I also am always prepared for the most part for something to happen! My husband kept telling me "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it". Well we sure enough "got it" over the past 36hours. Chicagoland has been blanketed with 20.2" of snow!!

The Meteorologists on the Chicago news had been predicting and warning everyone about the pending storm since Saturday, so everyone was forewarned and had time to plan accordingly. Many weren't believing the hype, but I did. I went shopping on Monday evening at SuperWalmart and purchased boots for my 8yr old Joshua and for myself. We also did some grocery shopping while there. We were shopping around 10pm and the staff was saying they had a "mad rush" earlier in the evenings and the shelves certainly showed proof of that. I took some pics of the shelves as I had never seen anything that crazy:

I purchased what I could at SuperWalmart and got home around 12midnight. Harlin(my DH) had to work yesterday from 6am-2pm and the storm was just starting. I had texted him a couple of lists to stop and get some more groceries from the local Fruit Market and from Aldi's. He did some shopping before coming in for the night. He got in just as it started getting really bad outside!!

It started in full force around 6pm last night and we had around 5" by midnight, around the time I fell asleep. I woke up around 6am and it it must have snowed 2" an hour overnight because it was crazy outside. I grabbed my camera and got some pics from by the front door. I got up and began cleaning and doing laundry and woke the rest of the family up around 9am. We all had breakfast and the hubby and the boys went outside to shovel, dig out our van and have fun. Hubby took plenty of pics while he was outside.

Tuesday afternoon I started seeing posts on my Facebook page from local Chicago area and suburbs Libraries, Zoos, Museums, and more that they were closing early on Tuesday and would be staying closed until normal opening time on Thursday. Chicago Public Schools actually called a SNOW DAY for today also. I went to Chicago Public Schools my entire school life ('77-'90) and we NEVER had a weather related day off of school. Basically if it wasn't a necessary service like Police, Fire, Streets and Sanitation, Hospitals, Hotels and such, it was closed today. Some grocery stores were even closed today. Chicago Public Schools have already called another SNOW Day for tomorrow as did all the other schools in and around Chicagoland. Some businesses and services are opening back up tomorrow, but some are staying closed. I actually hope for the kids sake that all the schools stay closed until Monday! We are taking "Snow Days" until  Monday with our Homeschool!

Blizzard 2011 pics:

We will be "Snowed In" for a few days!! My husband doesn't have to report back to work until Friday afternoon at 3pm. I hope that our city has plowed our back alley by then, as it is our only way to get our van out of our parking spot and into the streets. Chicagoland is also going to be FRIGID cold tomorrow. High barely reaching 10° Great day to stay inside and "hunker down".

I am praying for any who has been affected either by the Chicago area Blizzard or any inclement weather anywhere in the country. Stay safe and warm everyone!!  

I think I will be careful what I wish for in the future! LOL!!

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NCSue said... Best Blogger Tips

The pictures from the grocery store remind me of those they used to show of the shelves in Russian stores. I think they showed them mostly to remind us of the evils of communism. In your case, it reminds me of the evils of snow!!!

Best wishes for an early thaw...

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