Thursday, February 3, 2011

Exhaustion and Cabin Fever

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Well one thing about the "Chicago Blizzard 2011" is sure helped me accomplish a lot this week, but now I am exhausted and have major cabin fever!! 

I have been making so much progress of getting things accomplished this week, that today I was crabby and exhausted! I have been doing so much on all by myself, no help from hubby or boys, so I just wore myself out. I "quit" around 2pm today and have just been relaxing. 

I got all the laundry in the house washed, folded and put away. It took a couple of days, but it is DONE! I also got our kitchen all nice and cleaned, even the upper cabinets. Lower cabinets are getting done early next week. I cleaned our pantry throughly this week. I thought it was only going to take 30 minutes, but it took 3hrs due to a big mess we found in there! My front room is looking very decluttered!! I now have to focus on some computer stuff that I need to get organized and get on track with. I will accomplish that over the next few days!

The boys and I will be experiencing cabin fever for a few more days yet! Hubby has to work Friday and Saturday in the afternoon, so we will be "homebound" staying safe and warm. They really need to get out for  a couple of hours. I am hoping that if it is warm enough tomorrow or Saturday that maybe hubby will take them sledding in the morning time! I can't do outside winter activities due to a major sensitivity to cold air. I usually stay home and get hot cocoa ready for when they come home! I am getting bored being in the house all the time though. I love the outdoors, but not in the winter time! 

THANKFULLY our landlord hired someone to come and clear out the parking spots and clear the back alley so we can get out and go places tomorrow! I think I might run to the store and do some grocery shopping tomorrow morning! I need an escape from the confines of these 4 walls of this apartment!!! 

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said... Best Blogger Tips

Hopefully your snow is cleared out by now. I'm originally from the Iowa City area, but have been very grateful I didn't get buried in snow this week--fun blog site.

familymgrkendra said... Best Blogger Tips


The snow is still on the ground and we actually got 3 more inches yesterday. LOL It will be around for some time as the temps are getting cold and icy this week!

THANKS for stopping by and thanks for the follow!

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