Sunday, November 25, 2012

God's Blessing= Stocked Freezer

We have been extremely blessed over the past month with being able to stock our freezer with food, especially vegetables! A couple of friends from our Homeschool Group blessed us with a HUGE bounty of Veggies. I was able to bless some family and friends with some and we kept some for ourselves.

Day 1 Bounty

Day 2 Bounty

A couple of days after receiving the bounty I spent the afternoon to chop and freezer bag the Broccoli and Cauliflower. I am ever so grateful for my Chest Freezer and Food Saver as it truly has been helpful in being able to store more food then we used. I don't miss out on sales anymore due to "not having enough space".



I also spent that same afternoon cooking up 7lbs of Dry Pinto Beans that my hubby later mashed into Refried Beans. We LOVE Refried Beans, but we don't like the price nor preservatives in canned Refried Beans. We use Refried Beans weekly so it much more healthier and cost effective to make our own. We were able to get 12 16oz containers and 3 bigger containers from the 7lbs. We are set for at least 3 months.

Refried Beans

We also received the blessing of 20 Baked Potatoes from church recently. We help at our church on Wednesday afternoons/evenings to prep for the Wednesday night dinner. The kitchen help tries to freeze any leftovers that can be frozen so that families from the church who are in need of meal(new baby, bereavement, whatever reason) it can be provided. The food that cannot be frozen, the kitchen help divides up amongst us and we take home. I decided to take the potatoes and slice them down the middle. I scooped out the insides and was left with 2 shells and the insides I put in a bowl. We made mashed potatoes with the insides and Potato Skins with the shells. We ended up with 2 different products from the potato blessing!


We still have Squash that we are going to cook up for dinners! I PRAISE God for the blessings that are stocking our freezer and our "tummies"!

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