Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 3: 2012 Gratitude Challenge

Day 3: 

 I am VERY THANKFUL for Friends who shared their Veggie Bounty with myself and others! A couple families from our Homeschool Group have been being blessed with Veggies from a Farmer who runs a farmstand. They have been sharing with family, friends and church family since they have been being blessed with this bounty.

My friends went this past Wednesday and collected a HUGE bounty of Fall Veggies: Squash of all kinds, gourds, Cauliflower, Cabbage and some more items. My friend texted me and asked if I would like to come and get some. I went there and Friday night and got quite a bounty. I shared that bounty with my sister, a mutual friend of mine and my sister, and my parents.

Here is my Bounty from Day 1: 

 My friends were able to go again on Saturday and got another HUGE bounty! Saturday was the last day for the year/season. They received many of the same items as Wednesday and they also received Fresh Broccoli, Baking Pumpkins and a few other items. Our Homeschool Group was meeting yesterday so they once again shared the bounty with our group, even with people walking by on the street!

Here is the Bounty from Day 2: 

 I will be able to freeze a lot of these using my Food Saver and store in my chest freezer. I am VERY grateful for such a WONDERFUL Bounty. I am even more GRATEFUL for my friends, Barb and Trophy, for sharing their bounty with others!! I am GRATEFUL that I will have busy work today and tomorrow getting all this packaged and stored!

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