Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time for another Family Movie Night Movie!

I so remember the good quality programming growing up and watching "Family Movies" on TV with my family. The ""Wonderful World of Disney" was a weekly movie feature that was very family friendly when I was a child. I also remember the "Hallmark Hall of Fame" movies. I really enjoyed these type of movies. I find it difficult to find good quality programming for my boys like there was when I was a kid!

 Well, in the Spring of 2010 that all changed when WalMart and P&G began sponsoring Family Movie Night.  Our family has been enjoying all the movies since they came out. My boys enjoy the movies so much they don't want them erased from the DVR. I have been really impressed with the Family Movie Night movies and the idea of Family Movie Night, that I want to implement a weekly Family Movie Night in our home. I am thinking of making Saturday Night Family Movie Night for our family with either TV movies or movies on DVD! 

Family Movie Night is back this Saturday Sept 3rd with a brand new movie: Game Time: Tackling the Past

Game Time: Tackling the Past stars Beau Bridges, Catherine Hicks("7th Heaven"), Ryan McPartlin("Chuck"). The movie addresses Humality, Forgiveness and Hard Work Ethic. 

Moms 4 Family TV are a  wonderful group of moms who stand behind the Family Movie Night movies and other great Family TV programming. You can learn more about this great organization by visiting Moms 4 Family TV.  The group of moms have even put together an Info Sheet about the movie, which includes some "family discussion questions" about the movie.  Each week they search and find the "best" in Family entertainment on TV, and give Weekly TV Tips

Game Time: Tackling the Past airs on Saturday September 3rd on your local NBC station at 8PM EST/7PM CST. Grab your family favorite snacks, the remote and sit down and enjoy the show together! 

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