Sunday, August 7, 2011

Having Minor Surgery tomorrow

I am having outpatient surgery on my right index finger tomorrow. April 27th of this year I noticed an internal bump in my right index finger. I thought it was something that would go away by itself. I watched it and it didn't go away, so on May 18th I went to the Dr. The Dr. thought it might be an internal wart or an infection. I was given a 5 day antibiotic, but it didn't go away, it had now grown a bit to the size of a pea. The month of June was a very busy month for us and I didn't have any time to get to the Dr. I finally got back to the Dr. on July 7th and the Dr. now felt it was a Cyst inside my finger. I was referred down to the Orthopedic Department. I was actually referred to my "favorite Ortho Dr", Dr. Bednar, who treated me from March '09- Sept '10 for varying issues with my right hand after I broke the wrist in March '09. 

I had an appointment with Dr. Bednar on July 13th and within 3 minutes he knew that surgery was needed. He told me that the bump is being caused by my veins clumping together in one spot. Dr. Bednar is a Dr. who does surgery after all other options have been exhausted, as I know this from experience. He did not do Carpal Tunnel Surgery on my right wrist until 8 months after it all started and had tried other treatments. I knew when he said Surgery, that this was the only option for this issue. So his nurse came in and scheduled surgery for August 8th. I got the call last week and surgery is scheduled for 12 Noon. My hubby was able to get the day off of work because I need an adult with me at all times during the surgery. I have my 17yr old niece here for the week to help me with the boys during the day and to babysit tomorrow while I am at surgery.

I have been working hard over the past 3 weeks to get the apartment decluttered and in order and I am very satisfied that I accomplished that. My apartment in in a mode where "Daily Maintenance" is all that will be needed. My niece, my boys and my hubby will be helping with that. I won't be able to use my right hand, my dominant hand, for at least a week, but then again I have started getting use to not using my right hand at times. I did a menu plan for the week, went grocery shopping and we are good to go for the week. My niece will be able to help me with some of the Crockpot dinners and then hubby will cook some stuff when he gets home from work.

I will be getting a "mini vacation" because I won't be able to do my regular household stuff for about 1-2 weeks.. I will be able to sit and read and talk walks with the boys to parks and such. I made sure I had lots of books from the library. I know I can turn pages with my left hand, LOL.  I jokingly told someone "Pretty sad a mama has to have surgery to get a mini vacation". LOL!

Your prayers and thoughts are coveted for the surgery and recovery!

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gail said... Best Blogger Tips

hi kendra. i just read this. amazingly i am having surgery on my right wrist on wed. w/ dr. bednar also. on 8/28 i fell on the carpet at skate usa in romeoville and landed on my right wrist. i had it in a splint for a week & now in a cast 4 10 days til surgery on wed. could u tell me more about your wrist injury & the surgery. my kids have been helping me do everything & i miss writing in my planners. i ♥ 2 write. :( what kind of anesthesia did u have?

familymgrkendra said... Best Blogger Tips


Hi Gail,

Sorry to hear you are having surgery, but I can guarantee you that you are in "good hands' with Dr. Bednar. My wrist issues began in March '09 when I fell in our front room on carpet and broke my wrist. I was under the care of Dr. Bednar for 8 weeks for the broken wrist. We thought all was good once the cast came off, but in August '09 I began having Carpal Tunnel issues in that wrist also. I went back to Dr. Bednar and he tried many things to get the Carpal Tunnel under control, but nothing was working. I had surgery on my hand in June '10 and it totally relived the Carpal Tunnel issues. I continued to see Dr. Bednar until Sept '10 when my 12 weeks of Physical Therapy was done. My right wrist is now in really good condition, although at times it can get stiff depending on the weather. The PT therapist told me I would probably always have stiffness issues depending on the weather. Not a problem with me, as it is so infrequent.

I am now 4 weeks post surgery from the surgery I just had in August and I am fully recovered. I took pictures of Before, at the surgery center and after. I am going to do a blog post today updating the surgery and all.

I had local anesthesia both times. I was asleep, but not fully. I could hear the Drs. and nurses talking during surgery. I didn't feel anything during either surgery.

Dr. Bednar is an amazing Dr. He won't do surgery unless it is the only option. Dr. Bednar is probably my most favorite Dr. of all time!! He really cares for his patients and treats them well.

I will be praying for you and a easy recovery!!

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