Monday, August 8, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 8/8

I had a busy weekend. Had to do a lot of food prep and grocery shopping over the weekend. I am having surgery on my right index finger today, so I won't be using my right hand for a week or 2. I had to get things prepared so my teenage niece and my 9yr old would have an easy week helping me. I do have "easy lunch meals" planned for the week. I know they are not the healthiest, but I needed fast and easy for lunch this week. I do have a few repeats from last week, as we had a couple nights where we just had leftovers the next night instead of cooking again.

Here is the menu for the week: (the blue highlighted words are clickable to take you to the recipes)
Weekly Menu Plan 8/7-8/13

For more menu plans and recipe ideas visit Menu Plan Monday at: Organizing Junkie

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Kaylene said... Best Blogger Tips

Linked here from MPM on orgjunkie.... I like how you have your desserts/snacks set up at the bottom! I'll have to steal that! We're having homemade pizza on Friday night too...seems pretty popular this week.

familymgrkendra said... Best Blogger Tips


AWW Thqnk You for visiting! I am glad you like the snack plan idea. Please do "steal" it. Just visited your blog and it looks awesome!

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