Saturday, October 29, 2011

Health: Ups and Downs

WOW, October has been quite a month for me regarding my health. I started with an appointment on October 6th with my Primary Care Physican at Loyola University Medical Center. The main reason for the visit was to get some answers on the Superficial Phlebitis that is affecting my left leg. The appointment was with my new Resident Dr. and I must say I like the new Dr. very much. He and I talked about my health and specificially the leg issue, he went and conferred with my Attending Dr. and then both came back. Both Drs. agreed it was time to be referred to a Vein Specialist and I didn't even have to ask! YEAH!! The appointment was all set for Oct 13th, just one week away.

October 13th: I met with a Dr. who specializes in Foot and Leg Vein Issues at the Loyola University Medical Center, Center for Heart and Vascular Medicine. I had another great appointment. Dr. Halandras really examined my leg and said that she suspected the Superficial Phlebitis was due to Vein Reflux. She ordered an ultrasound on the Left Leg and wrote me a prescription for Knee High Compression Stockings. I was able to get an appointment for the ultrasound for the very next day and my return appointment with Dr. Halandras for Oct 27th. The Leg Ultrasound went very well and I had the compression stockings by Monday.

October 27th: The boys and I drove Harlin to work so we could have the van to get to my appointment by 9:30am. We actually arrived at 9:10am and I was seen immediately. The Dr. came in and explained that the ultrasound does show Vein Reflux. It is beginning in the thigh area and they believe there is a "connecting vein" that it is affecting in my lower leg. She conferred with a colleague who performs Vein Obliteration surgery and he ordered another leg ultrasound. He will be present at this ultrasound so that he can see if I am eligible for surgery. He said it is important to view the ultrasound as it is happening, rather then the reports and "screen shots". I have the ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday Nov 8th at 3:30pm. I also had to call and make another appointment with my General Dr. because I was concerned about what I thought were 2 "high" blood pressure readings. Oct 13th my reading was 144/88, Pulse 72 and my Oct 27th reading was 133/80 Pulse 68. I have never, never, never had a reading that high. I am consistently 120/80, no higher then 122/82. I was able to get an appointment for Monday Oct 31st at 8:45am.

October 28th: I was all set to start our day and had just ate breakfast and I started having a dizzy spell and tightness of the chest. I sat down in my chair and the episode lasted about 15 minutes. I was "exhaling" to help with the tightness of the chest. I called my Drs. office and told them I have been having dizzy spells since Saturday off and on and about the episode that just happened. It was determined I should come in for an examination so they scheduled me for 3:20pm. I had to call hubby at work and explain to him what is going on and ask him to try to get an early release. He called me back and let me know he was able to leave at 1:30pm. I was seen by another Dr. in the practice. The Dr. was very through in the exam. The nurse initially took my Blood Pressure and it was 108/70, Pulse 68. I was still having the chest tightness as I was in the office. The Dr. decided to do an EKG readout right there in the office. My heart is HEALTHY!! The Dr. also did some coordination testing to see what could be causing the dizzy spells. He also had me lay over the side of the table and held me there for 30 seconds to see if when I was sat back up would I be dizzy: No dizziness! He also took my blood pressure laying down and then standing up. My laying down BP was 122/80, Pulse 68. He then had me stand and waited a minute before taking my BP again. BP standing was 120/80, Pulse 70. He also took oxygen level which was 97. He told me that even though I had those 2 recent High Blood Pressure readings, I do not have High Blood Pressure. I am very glad to hear that news as High Blood Pressure "runs in the family". The Dr. determined that the Dizziness is a very mild case of vertigo and the chest tightness is coming from the chest muscles contracting to much and too hard. I am under Drs. orders to rest and relax this weekend. I also don't have to go to the appointment on Monday morning. I will call Monday morning to find out the results of the Chest X-Ray I had done. All in all, the issues I have been having this with dizzy spells and chest tightness are best taken care of with rest and relaxation. I will be doing just that this weekend!

I am very glad that I am General Good Health. I do worry about potential Health problems like Heart, Kidney and Diabetes as they do tend to run in the family. I am trying to do my best to prevent those issues, the most important thing to prevention is losing weight. The boys and I are working on a Nutrition and Fitness study in our homeschool, so we are on the "right track". I just picked up some books on "healthy recipes for kids" that the boys and I are going to try. I am very glad that I am on the road to getting answers to my Superficial Phlebitis and that treatement plans are in place with that. I hope that I can continue to stay healthy and work towards an all around healthy lifestyle. All in all, I am general good health.

REST and RELAXATION for me this weekend and looking forward to continued "Good Health"!!

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Mary said... Best Blogger Tips

I am glad to hear you are generally healthly, and you are smart to go in to prevention mode. I have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Losing weight would get me off all medications, but I struggle with the weight loss. Good luck to you!!

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