Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 8

We had a wonderful and fun week, spending time outside whenever possible! I had some pictures and tried putting together a slideshow, but they are blurry and not worthy of posting. I took them with my cell phone because I kept forgetting my camera and they are BAD. My phone camera usually doesn't take bad pics, so I am confused as to why so blurry!

Monday: The boys and I did a lot of reading, after our book work was done. Josh is learning how to write a book report. He really loves reading and he loves Grammar, so I felt it was time for him to combine the 2 and have him begin writing Book Reports. I found many great resources online, my favorite being an awesome Book Report Form. I am trying to work wtih Nate on his reading. I would really like to have him reading or at least "Grasping" it a bit. We have been using All ABout Spelling to help with recognizing the sounds of letters and putting it all together. I recently found a FREE reading program online and started using it with him on Monday. Nate seems to like it so far and I am hoping he will "get it" soon. Danny loves Math and also loves trying to the be the "teacher" to Nate. We had lunch and then decided to take advantage of the 65 degree day and walk to McDonalds for Ice Cream cones and then to the park by McDonald's. We spent about 2hrs outside on Monday. The boys loved chasing the squirrels at the park and swinging on the swings and just enjoying the great weather.

Tuesday: We got a late start because Nate and myself weren't feeling well due to fall allergies and also my dad came by in the morning to drop off an "end roll" of newsprint paper. He gets them for FREE from the printer that prints the weekly newspaper at the neighborhood paper he works for. We use it for many projects in our homeschool and around the house. We did our schooling in the afternoon and we worked on reading again and I also am working on Money skills with Nate and Danny. Nate is liking the reading program.

Wednesday: We got the basics done today. We left our place at 2pm to head to church. Nate lost his backpack at church last week and we needed to get there early to be prepared to "hunt" for it if needed. It contained his eyeglasses and a recorder that his AWANA leader gave him for recording his verses because he doesn't read yet. We arrived at church by 2:30PM and headed to the 3yr old room because one of the moms at our church said she thought she saw it in there and BAM it was there! Woohoo! Woohoo! I was such a happy mama! I had a meeting with a Pastor at 3pm and also my weekly service of helping in the kitchen for Wednesday night dinner. The boys had a great night at AWANA and we finally arrived home around 9:30pm.

Thursday: The boys and I had to drive my hubby to work because I had a Drs. appointment at 9:30am. My appointment went well and I am finally getting answers to my Leg Vein Issue. I have to have another leg ultrasound on Nov 8th to see if I am eligible for Vein Ablation. My appointment was done by 10am and the boys and I decided we were going to "Library Hop" and "learn at the library" all day yesterday. Our first stop was LaGrange Library. It was our first visit there and we want to go back already! The library building is about 4yrs old and it and it VERY cozy and inviting. The Youth Library was roomy and had lots of resources. We stayed there for about an hour. I found another resource that might help Nate with his reading. I found some I Can Read books that also have the CD version in a kit. I am going to have Nate listen to the CD and follow along in the book and hope he can start reading by recognizing words by both sight and sound. Our next stop was the Brookfield Library. The boys enjoyed learning via their computers and we pulled some books off the shelf and read for awhile. We came home around 12:30pm and had lunch and relaxed for a bit. We headed to the Berwyn Library(our "home" library) as I had a few books to pick up and Josh some to return. We then headed to Villa Park Library. Hubby works in Villa Park and it was a library we had never been to. Very nice library and very nice staff. Josh and I registered our Berwyn Library cards with Villa Park Library so now we are able to check books out at Villa Park Library also. We had some reading time and also did some research using books. We picked hubby up from work at 5:15pm and headed home. 4 Libraries in one day and we loved it!! Josh checked out about 25 books between the 4 libraries. The books are mainly quick reads and he mainly got books on Squirrels and Football. He also got some of the Warrior books by Erin Hunter. He is loving this series!!

Friday: We had to call an "Emergency Sick Day". I have been having dizzy spells since Saturday, but today I started getting tightness in the chest off and on and it lasted about 5 minutes each episode. I called my Drs. office at 11:30pm and they scheduled me for an appointment at 3:20pm. I called hubby and he was able to get an early release from work and was home by 2pm. I didn't see my regular Dr. but one of the other Drs. at Loyola OutPatient Center. He checked my blood pressure 2x, they were 122/80 and 120/80, so those were NORMAL. I really liked seeing those numbers as had 2 high readings in the past couple of weeks. I also had an EKG and my heart is healthy! He diagnosed me with a mild case of vertigo and the tightness of the chest is from my chest muscles. I am under Drs. orders to take it easy for the weekend. I am going to do just that. I will be in my "comfy chair" all weekend either reading or getting some computer stuff done on my laptop, including homeschool lesson plans for next week!

I am looking forward to our studies for next week. I am going to begin some Thanksgiving lessons and arts and crafts!

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