Monday, October 3, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 10/3

Woohoo!! I am so very much on track right now with Taking Charge of the Grocery Budget. I had a busy weekend with Grocery shopping and making sure to stay within a budget. I had planned to do some food prep(freezing, making things and more) yesterday, but things got busy and I didn't get around to it. I will be doing all the food prep this afternoon!

I am very confident that by me Taking Charge of the Grocery Budget will certainly help us save money, but also help us eat a little healthier!

Here is our menu plan for the week:

Weekly Menu Plan 10/2/11-10/8/11

For more menu plan ideas and recipes visit Menu Plan Monday at:

Organizing Junkie

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I need to try making those bread machine bagels! We love bagels around here about paying $3.99 for non-brand bagels (6) is way too much! Thanks for sharing!

familymgrkendra said... Best Blogger Tips

@Our Side of the Mountain

I so agree that bagels are costing too much nowadays! I love Homemade Bagels. I used to use this recipe: until I happened upon the Bread Machine recipe. The recipe above is very good also, but I like having the Bread Machine do the work. LOL

I am sure your family will enjoy the Bread Machine Bagels! THANKS for stopping by!

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, count me in... I LOVE bagels. I'm off to check out the link to the breadmaker recipe as soon as I finish this comment, LOL! My menu is posted HERE @ Tiny Blessings if you'd like to take a peek!

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

OK, so I just went back and edited my own menu to include the Buttery Bread Machine Rolls recipe that you posted. :) That will go perfectly with the Chicken Noodle casserole I'm making tomorrow! I gave you credit, of course!

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