Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Family Time Fitness: Discovering Physical Education Workbook Series

I was in quandary earlier this summer when I was planning out our curriculum for the year. I was working on making Fitness and Nutrition a part of our Homeschool Curriculum this year. I had come across a couple of resources for the Nutrition part, but I needed something for Physical Education or PE as it is so lovingly called. Just as I thought there was nothing out there I was approached about using and reviewing a product called Family Time Fitness, Discovering Physical Education Workbook Series. I about jumped out of my seat when I saw the email and immediately replied YES!! Family Time Fitness is a Physical Education Curriculum and they have one specifically for Homeschoolers. The Workbook series is an extension of the Curriculum. I was super excited to be able to review this product because it the description seemed to fit into what I was thinking we needed.

Family Time Fitness Discovering Physical Education Workbooks series is sent via PDF download. Each workbook will have different types of activities to assist in ever increasing knowledge and reinforcement of concepts in physical education, anatomy, nutrition, and general fitness. Workbooks will include an introduction, vocabulary terms, definitions, usage examples in sentences, Physical Education activities with detailed instructions and demonstration video links, and answer keys.
Examples of Activities can include: Alphabet Soup, Crossword, Decoding, Hidden Letters, Magic Square, Matching, Missing Letters, Spelling Challenge, Secret Trails, Spiral, Study Sheets, Coloring, Word Jumbles, Word Links, Word Search, Word Shapes, Framework, Alphabetical Order, Spelling Quest, and many more.
These workbooks help with understanding not only the proper meaning of Physical Education, Nutrition, Anatomy and General Fitness but will also help with reading, spelling and Kinesiology.

We began our school year on Sept 6th and we began using the Family Time Fitness Workbooks on the very first day. We begin our homeschool day by doing the Warm Up Exercises, which take about 4 minutes. This is then followed up with the Workbook page for the day. We are supposed to do the "cool down" exercises after the Workbook page, but I have chosen to have the boys do them throughout the morning to keep them active while doing school work. Our family absolutely LOVES this program! It is an exact match for what I was hoping for! I really like the fact that the Workbook series isn't just about "exercising", but it also incorporates general info and PE. The Workbook pages are "fun" but they are also about learning. They teach the kids about different aspects of Physical Education and Health in fun ways! I also like the Video Links provided in the Workbook Pages to demonstrate how to the do Exercises. Gym class was not my favorite growing up, so I needed a "refresher" for myself and the boys also enjoyed watching the videos to learn the exercises. We only needed the videos for 3 days and then we were good! The boys really love the Workbook pages also. They hadn't really had any experience with PE before using this program so there was some resistance at first, now they look forward to our daily exercises and workbook pages.  Family Time Fitness Discovering Physical Education Workbook series is something that I HIGHLY recommend!

Family Time Fitness has created the Workbook Series for Grades K-5th. They have workbooks for different age levels: K-1st, 2-3rd and 4-5th. Each workbook set comes in 4 volumes, that can be purchased separetly or as a package. Each Activity Workbook costs $4.77 per Volume or $17.77 when purchasing all 4 Volumes of a grade level at once. The workbooks will be sent as a PDF download. I highly suggest checking out the page for the Discovering Physical Educational Workbook Series.

Family Time Fitness is a great company and our family highly recommends the Workbook Series for Homeschoolers!!

Kendra Neal is a Homeschooling mom to 3 wonderful and active boys. She has been homeschooling for 5yrs and currently has a 9yr old 4th grader, 8yr old 3rd grader, and 6yr old 1st grader. She enjoys reading, researching things on the internet, blogging, being a good steward of our financial blessing through frugal living, baking and spending time doing Family Fun activities. A favorite thing about homeschooling is being able to learn new things as my children are learning! 

Disclosure: I received 2 complete Workbook sets (Grades 2-3 and 4-5) in exchange for an honest review. I received no other compensation and my opinions are my own. 

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