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A Wedding in Wild Harbor by Grace Worthington

Book: A Wedding in Wild Harbor

Author: Grace Worthington

Genre:Clean Romance

Release date: September 29, 2022

She needs a hero to save her beloved bookshop. He needs a girlfriend to satisfy his mother’s dying wish.

Can this grump and sunshine pair work out the perfect deal for a happily ever after?

If Cassidy Woods could make one dream come true, it would be to save her struggling bookshop from closing its doors. So when wealthy investor Liam Henry announces he is shutting down her store, Cassidy will do anything to change his mind, including becoming his girlfriend.

Liam Henry is running out of time. His mother’s final wish is that he’d meet the girl of his dreams before it’s too late. But Liam doesn’t stand a chance without some kind of help. No woman can see past his grumpy exterior to discover if he has a beating heart under his designer suit.

When his mother advertises his search for a girlfriend, Liam makes the best and worst plan of his life: ask Cassidy to become his fake girlfriend. Too bad she’s his gorgeous employee who’s about to get axed from her job.

Cassidy’s sunshine is the perfect opposite of his grump, forcing Liam to make an outrageous trade-off he’s destined to regret.

Now everybody’s happy, except the mismatched couple who are headed toward a bumpy road that unravels every tightly constructed argument they’ve put up against love. In the end, only one of them can win.

When they’re thrown together in a race against time, will a plot twist they didn’t see coming ruin everything?

Or will they discover that in fooling everyone, the only person who’s fallen for it is themselves?

A delightful sweet romance with a grumpy boss and plucky heroine, both of who are determined to save the day even if that means teaming up in a fake engagement to do it.


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Romance Novels are one of my favorite Genres. I also really like to read books that are part of a Series. A Wedding in Wild Harbor by Grace Worthington is Book 5 in the Wild Harbor Beach series. I have not yet read the first 4 books in this series, but this book reads great as a Stand Alone book. 

Cassidy Woods loves her job at the local Bookstore, Books Forever. She is very disappointed to learn that the owners are retiring and selling the bookstore. Liam Henry is an investor from Chicago who plans on buying the Bookstore. Cassidy is devasted to learn Liam plans on closing the Bookstore after he becomes the owner. Cassidy is desperate to save the Bookstore, even thinking of becoming his girlfriend. Liam has been a Single Man for so long, mainly due to his Grumpy demeanor. Liam would LOVE to give his Mom her dying wish of seeing Liam meet someone whom he can have a relationship with. Cassidy agrees to be his "girlfriend of convenience" in hopes of saving the Bookstore. Will the "convenience" become a true relationship? Will Liam keep the Bookstore open? 

I really LOVED the storyline of this book. The book isn't the typical "convenience relationship" book. I thought I was going to be able to predict this story, but it truly was unpredictable. Cassidy is a GREAT character. I really related to her with her Seizures and such. I had Childhood Epilepsy and that part of the story was really precious. Liam was a grumpy person at the start of the book, but Cassidy was able to bring out a different side of him. I also love the Bookstore setting, as being an AVID reader I visit Bookstores often. The Author does a great job at bringing in characters from other books in this series. I have to say I will be going back and reading the series from the beginning! GREAT BOOK! 

Author of sweet romance and sweet romcom novels. Grace Worthington loves quaint small towns and the beach is her happy place, which is why you’ll find both in her books. She’s obsessed with chocolate, romcoms from the 80’s & 90’s, and doodles. Find out more at


More from Grace

If I could send you anywhere on vacation to relax, I’d send you to Wild Harbor. It’s the perfect spot to fall in love and raise a family–the type of town you’ll never want to leave once you visit.


A Wedding in Wild Harbor is set in this fictional town on Lake Michigan, a place where you can sink your toes in the sand, let the waves lull you to sleep, and marvel over the gorgeous sunsets.


I created the fictional town based off of the quaint small towns along Lake Michigan that look like they belong in a Hallmark movie. It’s the quintessential small town with meddling neighbors, quirky townsfolk, and a coffee shop where everyone knows you by name.


The Wild Harbor sweet romance series follows the stories of four siblings–three sisters and one brother–and their journey to find love. Each story is a standalone and they don’t have to be read in order, though characters reappear in each book.


I hope the sweet love story and charming town give you a needed escape from your fast-paced life.

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Roxanne C. said... Best Blogger Tips

A setting of a bookstore in a small town is always a favorite in a story, but I am even more intrigued after Kendra's statement that the story is unpredictable.

Emma said... Best Blogger Tips

This sounds good! I love bookstores--and I really love Michigan!

Bea LaRocca said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for sharing your wonderful review of A Wedding in Wild Harbor, this sounds like a must read book and series for me and I am looking forward to meeting all of the characters

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