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Celebrate Lit Blog Tour: A Journey for Hope by Stacy T. Simmons

Book: A Journey for Hope

Author: Stacy T. Simmons

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release date: January 17, 2023

With one “yes” everything Hope Fuller has sought could be hers.

Hope Fuller has life all planned out. Following a short trip to Briar Creek, North Carolina to help her sister, Hope will return home to Florida and begin her teaching career. Alas, keeping her trip short proves challenging after she sees someone from her past—a handsome lawyer who makes her heart want to plant itself within the community.

Dylan Gaines is just starting out his small-town legal practice and has his own plans for life. However, his reunion with Hope just might change some of them. Then again, their last attempt at romance ended up straining their friendship.

What will it take for Dylan and Hope to strike out on a different journey this time, one where love takes the wheel and leaves solitary plans in the dust?


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I really LOVE Christian Fiction Romance books. I was excited to be able to read  A Journey for Hope by Stacy T. Simmons. The book is Book 2 in the Briar Creek Love series. 

Hope Fuller has her life planned out for herself and she is content with those plans. A short trip to South Carolina to help her sister with something and then head back to Florida to begin her Teaching Career. She is excited about her Teaching Career. Her visit to Briar Creek may turn into a longer trip. She meets up with someone from her past and now she is rethinking the plan to return to Florida. Dylan Gaines is starting his Law Office right here in Briar Creek. Hope and Dylan had a romantic past, but they felt it was ruining their friendship, so they ended the relationship. Seeing each other again in town has them both rethinking their plans for the future. Will Hope and Dylan try to have a relationship again? Will they be successful and how does this change their future individual plans? 

WOW, such a sweet and captivating storyline. I LOVE how both Hope and Dylan have their lives planned out for the future and have set out to make those plans become a reality. They both realize that they still have feelings for each other after meeting up again while Hope is back in Briar Creek. I feel the message of this book is "God's Plans are always greater then our plans".  If you LOVE Clean Christian Romance, I HIGHLY Recommend this book. WONDERFUL BOOK!

My review is Dedicated to the Memory of Author Stacy T. Simmons. Stacy unexpectedly passed away in October 2022. She was a GREAT Author and she is greatly missed within  the Christian Fiction Genre. I have been honored to read this book and write this review. 

Stacy T. Simmons writes uplifting fiction that delights the reader’s romantic sensibilities. Thirty-four years of marital bliss is a great contributor. She is a mom of two grown children, and she and her family have a menagerie of pets she likes to call “Noah’s Ark.” You can find her working on her next manuscript with a piece of dark chocolate and a cup of coffee nearby. She loves to connect with her readers via her web site at


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This is a hard one for me to write and share. I’m writing this article, not as an author, but as an editor. This past year we lost an amazing sister in Christ, and her loss has been felt even in the small things. This month, Stacy T. Simmons’ book, A Journey for Hope releases. We were still in the editing process when she passed away, so I’ve taken over the editing of the book and have been working hard to ensure it stays as true to the way she wrote it as it can be. Stacy worked hard on this book, and we wanted to make sure her words were shared with her readers.


Stacy was such an encouragement to so many people. She would respond to emails letting you know how grateful she was or sending a little bit of encouragement for that particular day. She’s touched so many people’s lives, and it was so heartwarming to see all the authors posting how much she’d touched their lives in the last several years. We wanted to honor her memory and hard work with this book.


I’ve never had to take on another author’s role in applying edits. I’ve only ever tackled my own as a whole. I know I’m bound to make a few mistakes since I don’t know all the thoughts she put into some of what she wrote, but I’m doing my best to keep her ideas and message intact. I’m so grateful for the privilege of knowing her for the short time I did. She was an incredible person whose love for the Lord shone through. I know I’ll get to see her again in heaven one day. Until then, I will work to bring her story to the world all shiny and polished. I hope you find her words inspiring and heartwarming.

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Rita Wray said... Best Blogger Tips

Great review. Sounds like a good book.

Roxanne C. said... Best Blogger Tips

This sounds like a sweet reunion romance, and I love the message Kendra got from the book.

Jessica Beard said... Best Blogger Tips

I also love Christian Romance books. Looks great!

Beth Collins said... Best Blogger Tips

Kendra, thanks so much for publishing this review in memory of my sister Stacy! She was thrilled to be a member of the Christian romance community and her relationships with you and other writers and bloggers meant so much to her! We have been heartened by the amazing response her book has received and sincerely appreciate your kind remembrance.

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