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FrontGate Media Blog Tour: Praying Through Infertility A 90 Day Devotional for Men and Women

Weary of the long path to becoming a parent?

Whether you or a family member is battling infertility, this trusted, encouraging 90-day devotional will comfort and strengthen you. 

Written by men and women who have faced infertility themselves with various outcomes, this book reminds you that you are not alone and will help set your heart free from fear. Compiled by author, speaker, and broadcaster Sheridan Voysey, Praying Through Infertility is written to let you know that you are: 

Not alone in your sadness, anger, or confusion 
Not alone when you feel jealous of parents who have what you want 
Not alone when a giggling child brings not delight but grief 
Not alone in wondering who you’ll be if you never become a mom or dad

Praying Through Infertility doesn't offer advice on treatments or give spiritual formulas for miracle conceptions. Instead, it offers an empathetic and hopeful accompaniment through the long dark night you are walking through.

Each daily devotional includes:

  • Scripture verse and prayer
  • Inspirational story where fears and anger are transformed into confident expectation and pure worship
  • Intentional tip of the day to help you personally encounter God
  • Prayer references for encouragement

Some of the contributors have been blessed with biological children, some have formed families through fostering or adoption, others are walking forward childless, and a few are still on the path. They have experienced many of the medical options available, from IVF to donor eggs and sperm. What they share is an experience of infertility's dark depths, and a faith that's held strong through the testing. 

Sheridan Voysey is a writer, speaker, and broadcaster on faith and spirituality. His other books include Resurrection Year: Turning Broken Dreams into New Beginnings, Resilient, and the award-winning Unseen Footprints. Sheridan is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 2 and other international networks, and has featured on BBC Breakfast, BBC News, Day of Discovery, and 100 Huntley Street. He is married to Merryn and lives and travels from Oxford, United Kingdom.

WOW, this is such a powerful and encouraging book. I have family members that have struggled to become parents and it is always discouraging to see them through the struggles of Infertility. I know that they were also discouraged to be asked quite often "When are you going to start a family?" I LOVE the layout of this book and the encouragement through the scriptures and daily devotions. Praying as a couple through the process of Infertility and possible blessing of becoming parents is a great start for couples. With God all things are possible, including the journey to parenthood. I HIGHLY recommend this book for couples who are needing encouragement on their Trying to Conceive journey! GREAT BOOK! 

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FrontGate Media Blog Tour: You Can Be Free: Overcoming Temptation and Habitual Sin by the Power and Promises of the Gospel by Kirby Kelly

Beat the cycle of habitual sin as Kirby Kelly guides you through how God's strength can win back your freedom and bring you everyday peace. Find rescue and relief through a practical battle plan to defeat that sin that feels stuck on repeat and win back your life. 

Tired of the same cycle over and over again? Of the endless spirals of self-destructive sin? In You Can Be Free, discover a real-life battle plan to break the spiritual bondage of habitual sin.

You're not alone. So many Christians are desperate to find a way to overcome recurring sin in their lives, a dominating factor when it comes to coping mechanisms in today's society. Kirby Kelly has been there, and she's created a battle plan to help others break free from unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and cycles to find God's actual peace in their lives. 

Leading from the front, Kelly offers her own story first and shares biblical strategies to:

Connect and confess 

Stay in bounds

Know your enemy

Know your God

Know yourself

Set your green and red light zones

Turn around and come home

Makeover your mind

Kirby Kelly offers practical, tactical advice to the questions: How does one break, and stay, free? And how does one truly overcome what they thought they broke free from, only to see its disappointing return in their life? Through theology, hope, and God's guidance, there is a way to become vulnerable with your community, grow spiritually and personally, and welcome God's promise of freedom.

Kirby Kelly is a speaker, influencer, and podcast host from Dallas, Texas, who has been creating Christian content for over a decade on a multitude of platforms. She graduated with a Master in theology in 2023 from Dallas Baptist University. Together with her husband, she equips ministries with creative media strategies and creates engaging content to reach the masses with the joy, truth, and message of the gospel on her platforms. Kirby's mission statement reflects her heartbeat in all she does: to equip, empower, and engage individuals in Spirit and in truth. This proves to be true with her Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and podcasting platforms where she creates a variety of content.

I really enjoy Christian Self Help books. I feel there are lessons to be learned and encouragement in Self Help Books. You Can Be Free: Overcoming Temptation and Habitual Sin by the Power and Promises of the Gospel by Kirby Kelly is the latest in this genre that I have read. 

WOW, this young author really has a wealth of information in this book. The verse that came to mind while reading this book was 
Romans 3:23: for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

 Christians can be habitual sinners, but it is important to release ourselves of this habitual Sin. Kirby Kelly had some struggles in her faith and she wrote this book not only as a personal testimony but to encourage others to overcome their habitual sins. I really LOVE how open Kirby Kelly is in this book and how she outlines to steps to take to overcome Habitual Sin. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with Sin. FANTASTIC BOOK!

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JustRead Tours Blog Tour: The Amish Book Cellar by Tracy Fredrychowski

The Amish Book Cellar JustRead Blog Tour

Welcome to the Blog Tour for The Amish Book Cellar by Tracy Fredrychowski hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!

The Amish Book Cellar

Title: The Amish Book Cellar
Willow Springs Amish Mystery Romance #1
Tracy Fredrychowski
The Tracer Group, LLC
Release Date: June 4, 2024
Christian Fiction Amish Cozy Mystery

It will take everything she has to face her past. Can this wayward woman find her way back into the hearts of her Amish Community? 

When a mistake forces Lydia Troyer to leave her Amish roots in exchange for a new life as an Englischer, she finds herself running from more than her past as Wally Troyer's rebellious daughter. 

Upon her father's untimely death, she is called home to take over The Book Cellar, Willow Springs's favorite Amish bookstore. A series of strange happenings and whispers among her people lead her to suspect there are more than books hidden in the cellar. Will she chance getting her heart broken again if she leans on a longtime friend and carpenter, Aaron Shetler, to help her discover the truth? 

Widower Aaron Shetler has too much at stake to allow Lydia Troyer back into his life. Will it take his young daughter, Mattie Rose, to convince him what he yearns for the most is the one thing he's fighting against the hardest? 

 Together with their Labrador Yankee, Lydia, and Aaron help bring to light a century of mysteries waiting to be unearthed about some of Willow Springs's most upstanding citizens. 

Can this woman find the courage to stand up for what is right and find her place back among her people?  

Amish Fiction is my absolute favorite Genre!  The Amish Book Cellar by Tracy Fredrychowski is Book 1 in the Willow Springs Amish Mystery Romance series. I am excited to read this book!

I have to say this is probably the most action packed Amish Fiction book that I have ever read. Lydia Troyer and Aaron Shelter are the main characters of the story. Lydia returns to the Amish Community after he Dad is killed. She had been an Englischer and comes home to run The Book Cellar store, the favorite book store amongst the Amish. Aaron Shelter is an old friend of Lydia's. He is a widower with a young daughter. Lydia enlists the help of Aaron to help her discover some mystery happenings in the cellar of the Book Store and to try to figure out who killed her Dad. Lydia and Aaron have a past and Aaron is cautious about Lydia being back in his life. I really LOVE how they grow closer as they work together to solve the mysterious happenings in town and at the Book Store. Aaron's daughter even gives him the courage to give LOVE a chance with Lydia. The book is one of Faith, Forgiveness, Mystery, Romance and more. It has many twists and turns and kept me captivated to keep reading. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Mystery and Amish Fiction! AMAZING BOOK!

PURCHASE LINKS: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Bookshop | BookBub

Also Available

Allie's Amish Family Miracle

Tracy Fredrychowski

Tracy Fredrychowski’s life closely mirrors the gentle, simple stories she crafts in her writing. With a passion for the simpler side of life, Tracy regularly shares tips on her website and blog at

In northwestern Pennsylvania, Tracy grew up steeping in the virtues of country living. A pivotal moment in her life was the tragic murder of a young Amish woman in her community. This event profoundly influenced her, compelling her to dedicate her writing to the peaceful lives of the Amish people. Tracy aims to inspire her readers through her stories to embrace a life centered around faith, family, and community. 

For those intrigued by the Amish way of life, Tracy extends an invitation to connect with her on On her page and group, she shares captivating Amish photography by her friend Jim Fisher and recipes, short stories, and glimpses into her cherished Amish community nestled deep in the heart of northwestern Pennsylvania’s Amish County.

Connect with Tracy at to follow her on social media and sign up for email updates.

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Monday, June 17, 2024

FrontGate Media Blog Tour: Plans for Your Good by Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison, Australia's 30th Prime Minister (2018-2022), offers a unique insider's account of a Christian who was open about his faith and operated at the top level of politics for more than a decade. During one of the toughest periods since the second world war, covering drought, wildfires, a global pandemic and recession, he chronicles God's faithfulness throughout, win or lose, public criticism or public success.

Less political memoir and more pastoral encouragement, Morrison is passionate about encouraging others to discover how they can access and see the many blessings of God in their own lives, no matter their circumstances, drawing on Jeremiah 29:11, that God's plans are for our good and not our harm, to give us a future and a hope. In each section Morrison asks the questions all of us are looking to find answers to:

Who am I? Discovering your purpose.

How should I live? Finding your pathway.

What should I hope for? Embracing your future.

Full of fascinating insights into the handling of some of the most significant global events and issues of our time Morrison's honest, vulnerable and reflective answers offers a unique lens to better understand your relationship with God and the blessing that can flow from such a relationship.

Alongside an account of high-level politics in a new media age where cancel culture, identity politics and deep secularization is taking hold across so many western societies, creating a truly post Christian west, Morrison testifies to the faithful love and blessings of God.

Scott Morrison served as Australia’s 30th Prime Minister from 2018-2022, where he founded the historic AUKUS defense agreement, led Australia’s resistance to Chinese government coercion in the Indo-Pacific and delivered one of the most effective responses to the global COVID-19 pandemic in the developed world. Scott has been married to his wife, Jenny, since 1990. They have two teenage daughters and live in Sydney, where they are part of their local evangelical church community.

I really enjoyed this book. Many will see politics in this book, but I see a Man's Testimony. Former Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison has a really strong faith. He served as Prime Minister of Australia during a really Complicated time in the World. This book gives his testimony of how he held strong in his faith and guidance from God not only in her personal life, but as ruler over Australia. Mr. Morrison uses the verse Jeremiah 29:11 to encourage readers that God can help them through the rough storms of life. I have a personal "anthem" in life: "God's plan are always better then our plans". Mr. Morrison also points that out in this book. God has a plan for each individual person and if we follow his plans we will be successful, even in the storms of life. I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs encouragement in life and their faith. FANTASTIC BOOK!


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JustRead Tours Blog Tour: Coal Black Lies by Cindy K. Sproles

Coal Black Lies JustRead Blog + Review Tour

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for Coal Black Lies by Cindy K. Sproles, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!

Coal Black Lies

Title: Coal Black Lies
Cindy K. Sproles
Kregel Publications
Release Date:
June 18, 2024
Genre: Christian Historical Fiction

Believing the bitter lies you tell yourself leaves little room for the sweetness of truth 

Coal miner Joshua Morgan managed to do the impossible--he broke away from the stranglehold of the iron-fisted Barton family and the Company Store, to whom all the miners in the Appalachian Mountains are indebted. But it cost him the life of his young daughter, who was run down by a posse led by Thomas Barton while coming to collect Joshua's payment to the store. 

Five years later, a sweet but slow-witted young girl lands on his doorstep, and Joshua's desire to protect her from the clutches of the Bartons increases his thirst for vengeance. Joshua sets out to discover where the girl came from in order to take down the Barton family once and for all. 

His journey leads him to the truth about the day his daughter died, a reality he finds hard to accept. But when confronted by Thomas Barton himself, Joshua is forced to rethink the dark lies brewing in his heart. If he broke away, could Thomas have also? Despite his misgivings, can Joshua join forces with a man he once despised to free the miners from the tyrannical Barton family and forge a future of peace for both the young girl and himself?

Christian Historical Fiction is one of my favorite genres. Coal Black Lies by Cindy K. Sproles is the latest book in this genre that I have read. 

The setting is 1899 in the Appalachian area of Kentucky. I started reading this book and didn't stop until I finished, a few hours later. The storyline really drew me in and kept me captivated. I have always enjoyed stories about Coal Miners and Coal mines. The main character, Joshua Morgan, did not want to be a coal miner and instead became a farmer. Joshua and his wife Anna lost their daughter 5yrs ago when The Barton Family, who runs the coal mines, killed their daughter. I really LOVE the strength and courage they show throughout the "dark" days of life after her death. I especially love the care and LOVE they show to Aughtie, a 5yr old girl with Down Syndrome who was found wandering on their property. Aughtie really changed the lives of Joshua and Anna, especially Joshua. He was so lost in grief, but he grew in his faith and found the Peace in his heart that was missing. Joshua, Anna and Aughtie really endured so much, but they also overcame and became a family. The book is one of LOVE, FAITH, FAMILY and God's goodness. There were many twists and turns in the book and that is what kept me intrigued to keep reading. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Heartwarming Christian Historical Fiction. GREAT BOOK!

PURCHASE LINKS: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | ChristianBook | Bookshop

Also Available


Cindy Sproles

Cindy K. Sproles is the author of devotions published in newspapers across the country and a teacher at Christian writers conferences. She spent her formative years showing off her beloved Appalachian Mountains to others, and she and her family still live in the mountains of East Tennessee.

Connect with Cindy at to follow her on social media and sign up for email updates.

(1) winner will win a print copy of Coal Black Lies plus book-related swag!

Coal Black Lies JustRead Tours blog giveaway

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