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Celebrate Lit Blog Tour: Gracie's Surrender by Blossom Turner

Book: Gracie’s Surrender

Author: Blossom Turner

Genre: Christian historical romance

Release date: March 8, 2022

Helping the orphan children in Richmond just might overturn everything Gracie thought she knew, including the value of love.

Gracie Williams has always had an adventurous streak, which led her from her home in the Shenandoah Valley to Richmond, Virginia, where she can devote her life to the orphan children. Though her beauty has brought on the advances of many men, she has no plans to marry, and finds suitors an unfortunate irritation she doesn’t have time for—much to her parents’ chagrin.

When she befriends Matthew Weston, the mature and serious orphanage superintendent, she confides in him and believes he shares her goals. Neither are prepared for the sparks that fly. Tension grows as Matthew falls in love with her, yet realizes he is just another man in the long line of would-be suitors.

A family crisis, an orphan train, and the plight of a sweet orphan named Emma throw the couple together in deep and meaningful ways. But will this be enough for Gracie to embrace a new way of thinking, and the gift of love that only true soul mates can share?


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Blossom Turner has fast become a favorite author of mine. Gracie's Surrender is the fourth book, in the Shenandoah Brides series. I have read the first 3 books in the series and have been excitedly awaiting the release of this book!

Gracie Williams has fulfilled a lifelong dream and now lives in Richmond, Virginia and  works in an Orphanage. She was the mere young age of 12 when she set her heart on helping Orphans and vowed that she would never marry. Matthew Weston is the Supertendient of the Orphanage. Gracie begins workly closely with him and shares her goals and dreams with him. Matthew finds himself falling in love with Gracie, but he wonders if he is just another man Gracie would reject. Through a chain of events including an Orphan named Emma who came in on the most recent Orphan Train, Gracie could be rethinking her stance on LOVE, Marriage and Family. Will Matthew continue to his quest to show Gracie that he has fallen in love with her? Will Gracie decide that she can work for the Orphans and have LOVE and Family? 

WOW, I am once again blown away by this series. I was engrossed into the storyline from the very first chapter. I started reading and did not put the book down until I finished. Gracie and Matt's story is one that shows how God's plans are Greated then our Plans. Gracie made a decision at such a young age, that was a good plan. She fulfilled her dream, but it also showed how as we get older our plans can be changed. Matthew has a sweet caring heart. I LOVE how he thought that Gracie was a distraction because he didn't want to be rejected as he was falling in LOVE. Gracie's Surrender is a perfect title for this book as Gracie learns she must follow God's plan for her life and surrenders her vow of never marrying and falls in LOVE! I HIGHLY recommend this book for those who enjoy Christian Romance. WONDERFUL BOOK! 

Blossom Turner is a freelance writer published in Chicken Soup and Kernels of Hope anthologies, former newspaper columnist on health and fitness, an avid blogger and published novelist of the Word Guild semi-finalist Anna’s Secret. However, she has found her home in the writing of historical fiction. The power of love and romance is authentically woven into the Shenandoah Bride Series about five sisters and their love stories. She and her husband, David, have two grown children and live in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Read more at


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Do You Enjoy Romance That Keeps You Thinking Days Later?


Long before I knew I could write, I loved to read. Being a hopeless romantic, I gravitated to all romance stories either contemporary or historical. I soon realized that finding clean fiction, but still written with the passion God created us to experience, was hard to find. (Song of Solomon is a good example of the expression of passion and love between a man and woman without being explicit.)


Given the gift of a writing career later in life, one thing was for sure…I wanted to write what I like to read. Clean romance does not need to be boring. As each story pours out, I realize that writing historical fiction is my passion. I finally know what I was born to do. My favorite theme was an arranged marriage…so birthed the first book of the Shenandoah Brides that has now morphed into a series of five sisters and their five love stories. March 8, 2022 is launch day for book four called Gracie’s Surrender.


Where-as book one was set in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, post-civil war, the second book Amelia’s Heartsong took place in the big city of Richmond, Virginia where balls, debutants, pomp and circumstance matter. The third book, Lucinda’s Defender unfolded back in the valley, and this fourth one takes place once again in Richmond. However, you will find a very different Richmond than in book two, for Gracie has a life mission to help the underprivileged orphans.


The backdrop for this fourth book includes the historical orphan train, street urchins, and the love for children in the orphanage to which Gracie and Matthew devote their life. Gracie, who feels men are just a distraction, is in for a grand surprise. Much to Gracie’s vexation, awareness, attraction, and alas, even love grow for her serious but well-meaning superintendent, Matthew. I promise this read will be a romantic page turner with grit and impact that will keep you awake into the wee hours of the morning.


Although this book can easily be read as a stand-alone, enjoying the whole series as the family saga unfolds will deepen the experience.


I sincerely hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed the write. I love to hear from my readers.

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