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Celebrate Lit Blog Tour: America of We the People by Terry Overton

Book: America of We the People

Author: Terry Overton

Genre: Christian, Inspirational, Patriotic, Poetry

Release date: September 29, 2020

This is an inspirational patriotic Christian book for those who feel pride in the United States of America and support the Constitution and America. This is a collection of famous quotes, original poetry, short essays or musings, and Scriptural references. If you are looking to read short works of heartfelt poems, quotes, and essays valued by those who follow an American and Christian way of life, you will enjoy this book.

Topics include patriotism, soldiers who see war for the first time, September 11, 2001, Benghazi, Afghanistan, faith in America, first responders, the Vietnam and Korean Wars, and topics of the current times such as vaccine mandates, media, liberty, and identity politics.

A portion of the sales of both the paperback and eBook versions go to the Tunnel2Towers Foundation for veterans and first responders.


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Ameriica of We the People by Terry Overton is a book filled with Patriotic Poetry, Short Stories, and Quotes. 

I am not normally a fan of Poetry, but this book peaked my interest due to the Patriotic theme throughout. The Nation has been in a state of Turmoil for some time now, especially these last 2 years. The People of America tend to get very Patriotic during times of strife and issues. 

I really like how the Author put this book together. The Layout makes it easy to read and makes it so it doesn't bore the reader. The Author has complied a book about many Historical Events as well as "current events" that have taken place in recent years including the Pandemic, September 11th, Race Issues, and so much more. The quotes included are from many former Presidents and other prominent people in American History. 

I truly LOVED this book and it really tugged at my heart with the call to Honor our First Responders and Our Military, not just now, but ALL the time! I Highly Recommend this book for anyone who enjoys Poetry and/or Patriotism. FANTASTIC BOOK! 


Terry Overton is a retired university professor of educational and school psychology. She has an Ed.D. in Special Education and a Ph.D. in Psychology. Her professional experience includes teaching public school, teaching at the university level, and being a college dean. She has two children and six grandchildren. Her writing and publication experiences include textbook and journal articles in the fields of special education and school psychology. She seeks to answer God’s call to share the good news and grow the church by writing Christian books and devotionals. Her book Both Sides of the Border is a Firebird Book Award winner in the categories of Cross-Genre, Socio-Political Fiction, and Women’s Fiction. Her book, America of We the People was awarded the Firebird Book Award for Socio-Political and Political categories. She and her husband live in the southern tip of Texas where they enjoy semi-tropical weather and spending time with their friends and family.


More from Terry

“America of We the People” is a work from my heart. Dedicated to my dad who is a three purple heart Marine Veteran who served and fought in the Korean War as well as my grandson, in the 82nd Airborne, another dear friend in the 82nd Airborne who was in Kabul the day it was bombed and we lost 13 servicemen and women (he is home now and was not injured), my son, who is a captain in the Fire Department, and other first responders, police, and military servicemen and women. It is written in memory of all who perished in war or due to direct terrorism attacks.


On the day Kabul was bombed, I watched in horror, knowing we had a loved one there. Weeks passed before we knew he was not injured and was on his way home. A poem, written for him, describes the difference between his face before and after combat. Two poems were written for my dad and were based on his stories of the Korean War and letters he received. Poems were written reflecting my own experiences growing up during the Vietnam War when we watched the names of those who were killed, injured, or missing in action, displayed on our televisions in our living rooms as we watched and prayed, we would not see the names of friends and family.  Other poems were written for leaders around the world. And, poems reflecting current events, such as the border crisis, human trafficking, and other issues we face, like the pandemic (some are satirical).


The goal of the book was to convey what seems to be facing our nation and to note concern that our country has lost sight of God. The book was written to encourage others to pray for our country.


There are famous quotes about patriotism, soldiers, wars, and leadership. Short commentaries and essays are included along with verses from Scripture.

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To celebration her tour, Terry is giving away the grand prize package of a $50 Amazon gift card & copy of the book!!

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Susan said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for your review! It does seem like the perfect time in history for this book.

Bea LaRocca said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for posting about this book, this sounds like an awesome collection of poems and historical quotes, a must read for me

slehan said... Best Blogger Tips

My brother would like this book.
Thanks for the contest.

marisela zuniga said... Best Blogger Tips

This sounds really interesting

Stormy Vixen said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like a fantastic read for me, thanks for sharing it with me! Thanks, Happily Managing a Household of Boys for sharing your review! Have an awesome day!

Emma said... Best Blogger Tips

This sounds really inspiring and encouraging.

Jeanna Massman said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the cover. It’s very patriotic.

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