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Celebrate Lit Blog Tour: Blessed and Transformed: Living the Life God Intended by Dr. Jeannie Bennett

Book:  Blessed and Transformed

Author: Dr. Jeannine Bennett

Genre: Christian Nonfiction (Women’s Bible Study)

Release date: October 2020


What do you do when God answers your prayers, renews your mind, and transforms you?

Life does not always turn out the way we hope. It is often filled with tragedy, heartbreak, and loss, but make no mistake, God doesn’t abandon us during those times. Instead, God uses every experience we encounter to transform us so we can live the life He intended when He created us.

As Christians, we understand that we live in a fallen world. A world where dwelling on past failures or falling prey to the same sins seems normal. But what happens when God opens our spiritual eyes and shows us a different way to live? Do you run to Him and embrace the change? Do you find your calling and live out your purpose?

In Blessed and Transformed, Jeannine Bennett shares how much sweeter life is when you recognize God’s blessings and fully embrace His transformation of your life. She shows you there is no limit to what you can endure or accomplish by keeping God front and center.


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I had the opportunity to read Dr. Jeannie Bennett's first book, 
Broken to Beautiful: Brokenness is Not the End of Your Story
a few months ago. I was very excited to be able to read the 
follow up Devotional/Book, Blessed and Transformed: Living 
the Life God Intended. 

As one dedicates themselves to living a Christian Life, it 
becomes apparent that the Christian Life is so different
then a secular life. We still live in a Fallen World, so we 
need all the encouragement one can get to stay on track and 
live our life for Christ. It isn't always easy to leave our past life
behind and "Run to God" and follow him. Jeannine Bennett 
has written a wonderful Devotional Book that shows us 
how to accept the Blessings God has given us in our Christian
Life and allow him to Transform us fully. Blessed and Transformed
is a Short book with 15 Chapters. Jeannie begins each chapter with a
personal experience or testimony. After reading the Personal 
Experience, there are Scriptures references and a few questions
to ponder. The book is also in 2 sections. The first part of the book 
is about Being Blessed and the second part is about Being 

I truly enjoyed this Devotional Book. The layout and writing style
make it very easy to read and understand. My personal Christian
Life has certainly had many ups and downs, but the more I make
Christ the center of my life, the more I stay on track. The one thing
that really stuck with me is when Jeannie talks about being a People
Pleaser. I have been a "People Pleaser" for many years and just in 
the last year have I been able to set boundaries and been encouraged
that I can be a kind person without always saying YES. I think this would
make a GREAT Bible Study book to study with a group of Women. 
HIGHLY Recommended!  

Jeannine Bennett is a wife to Hayden, mom to four children, and grandmother to seven grandchildren. Her children are named Sandra, Brittany, Camryn, and Zachary. Her grandchildren are Colin, Lilyana, Willow, Savannah, Winter, and Hope. She is the founder and CEO of Vision to Purpose, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, an adjunct faculty member in the School of Business for Liberty University Online, and an executive coach for The Honor Foundation.

To those who know Jeannine, she is simply a woman who loves Jesus, is devoted to her family, and struggles with life’s challenges like the rest of us. She is not immune to bad hair days, shrinking clothes (weight gain), or sleepless nights. She loves learning and sharing the knowledge acquired to help others learn too. Her favorite ice cream is a toss-up between butter pecan and mint chocolate chip. And, although she has lived in Virginia for more than 30 years, she still calls a water fountain a bubbler. A term she grew up saying in her hometown of Racine, Wisconsin.


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In my previous book, Broken to Beautiful, I shared my testimony. The first half of my story was filled with hopelessness, disappointment, heartache, and loss. The second half described accounts of undeniable blessings. I have chosen to continue my story in Blessed and  Transformed because I want to further the conversation about what happens when we

receive all of those blessings.


Friends, we cannot have blessings without being transformed. Just as each trial, each struggle, each challenge changes us, each blessing is a gift that God uses to change us too.


I believe blessings are God’s way of showing that He loves us. I also think He uses those blessings to nudge us forward in pursuit of what He has called us to do.


I pray this book is a blessing to you!


In Christ,


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