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Celebrate Lit Blog Tour: The Restless Wrangler by Karen Baney

Book: The Restless Wrangler

Author: Karen Baney

Genre: Christian Historical Romance, Christian Western

Release Date: March 8, 2023

A Prodigal Son, Surprise Baby Christian Historical Cowboy Romance. Compelling love story full of heartache and redemption set in Ash Fork, Arizona Territory in 1893-1894.

Preston Colter felt like he was the forgotten son. Years of drinking and drifting finally catch up to him. When a near-death experience recharts the course of his life, he finds himself face-to-face with an old flame. Will he prove he is a new and different man, or will he fall back into his old destructive ways

Years ago, Hetty Clark made one bad choice to follow her attraction to a man she loved which led to the birth of her son out of wedlock. After she inherits her father’s ranch, an older man offers her security for her son’s future if she marries him. When the man from her past shows up on her doorstep, she is faced with a difficult decision. Will she choose a loveless proposal to secure her son’s future? Or will she risk her heart on a man she doesn’t believe has really changed?


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I enjoy Christian Historical Romance books. The Restless Wrangler by Karen Baney is Book 5i n the Colter Sons series. I have read a couple of the books in this series and I  am excited to Read Book 5. 

The setting of this book is 1893 in Ash Fork, Arizona. Preston Colter has not had a stable life in a long way. He had been drinking and moving around for many years, but his life changed when he almost died. He now is in the same town as Hetty Clark, an old flame. Hetty Clark was unmarried and pregnant and has been raising her son as a single Mom.  Her dad passed away recently and she inherited his Ranch. She now has an older man proposing to marry her to give her son a future. Now Preston Colter has returned and changed his ways,  Will Preston and Hetty rekindle their love? Will Hetty marry the man who offered to give her son a future? 

WOW, I think is my favorite from this series! Preston has been through a lot recently and it was amazing to see how he turned his life around. I LOVED that he approached Hetty in hopes of getting a job. Hetty had a lot going on personally, her Dad recently passing away. She was also now running a ranch and raising her son.  Hetty and Preston's story is amazingly beautiful! This book is one of Redemption, Second Chances, Trust, Faith and Famiy.  I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian Historical Romance. GREAT BOOK!

Karen Baney is passionate about writing stories full of flawed characters. She enjoys weaving together stories of second chances, redemption, and overcoming personal trials. As a transplant to Arizona in the late 1990s, she loves researching the state’s history and finding ways to seamlessly incorporate real history and real settings into her novels. In addition to writing and speaking, Karen works as a Software Development Manager for a Christian ministry.

Her faith plays an important role both in her life and in her writing. Karen and her husband, Jim, make their home in Gilbert, Arizona, with their two dogs, Bella and Daisy. Both Jim and Karen are active at Rock Point Church in Queen Creek, Arizona.


More from Karen

What was the inspiration behind Preston Colter’s character?

I love a good prodigal story—partly because I was one. I also figured in a family with five boys and one daughter, at least one of them had to have a rebellious streak. Very early in developing the series, I felt like this role would be perfect for a fifth son.

Why did you write the series in the first person?

A few years ago, I read a historical series by Tess Thompson where she wrote the hero and heroine in the first person. I had enjoyed how the point of view felt deeper when written in the first person, so with the Colter Sons Series, I decided to give it a try. Since then, I’ve loved hearing from many readers how much they’ve enjoyed it.

If you’re a little nervous about reading something in the first person, please take advantage of the sample download feature available on most ereaders, including Kindle. The point of view characters are clearly marked at the beginning of the chapter and whenever the point of view changes.

Hetty Clark is a rancher?! What inspired you to choose that profession for her, especially since the book is set in 1893?

One of my favorite research sites for Arizona territorial history is the Sharlot Hall Museum’s online archives and “Days Past” articles. I read several articles about the early days of Prescott, Arizona’s Independence Day Celebrations. These were HUGE events for the town and surrounding communities, which eventually expanded into Cowboy Tournaments (aka Rodeo).

After reading an article about the women winners in the Cowboy Tournament in 1888, I dug deeper into what competitions the women participated in. I was surprised to learn that many of the women worked on ranches right alongside their husbands or brothers.

I enjoy writing strong female characters in unconventional roles, so making Hetty Clark a bronc rider and a ranch manager fit perfectly with the type of woman I pictured for Preston.

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To celebrate her tour, Karen is giving away the grand prize package of a $50 gift card with signed paperback copy of the book!!

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