Friday, November 3, 2023

Momentum Influencers Blog Tour: Fighting for the Soul of Your Child by Jimmy and Karen Evans

You can raise godly kids in an ungodly world.

As a parent, you want your child to be happy and successful. You might focus on their clothes, curfews, and crushes. But do you know that there is something more important to fight for—your child’s soul? God gave you this child, and He will equip you to raise them. Don’t let fear, shame, or anxiety make you feel inadequate for the task.

With practical, how-to wisdom, Jimmy and Karen Evans join their daughter, Julie Evans Albracht, to explore what every parent needs to know about:

  • Finding your true purpose as a parent
  • Setting the right priorities
  • Protecting your family from outside pressures
  • Allowing God’s Word to determine your agenda
  • Facing battlefields with confidence
Your child is a gift, and fighting for their soul is a worthy battle.

“Fighting for the Soul of Your Child" by Jimmy and Karen Evans is a powerful guide for parents seeking to nurture and raise their child in today’s ever evolving world.

The World we live in is a hard and tough World to live in without having the LOVE of Jesus. A Major Parenting Goal in our household has always been to raise our Boys to be Upstanding God Fearing Men. Our boys are now Young Adults and it truly has been a tough Journey to help them navigate the World. They were raised in the Church since birth and have been around Encouraging Pastors and Adults, including myself and my husband, but without God it almost seemed impossible.

I REALLY LOVE the insight and encouragement throughout this wonderful book Fighting for the Soul of Your Child by Jimmy and Karen Evans. I know I gained some insightful info from here that I intend to implement into our household. My "Young Adult Men" will always need nurturing from us parents and they all still live at home, so the parenting really hasn't ended. A couple of our boys have very different opinions on Worldly issues and it is disheartening at times. I know as children grow up their thoughts change, but there is still time to instill in them and FIGHT for their SOULS!! I HIGHLY recommend this book for Parents at all Stages of Parenting! FANTASTIC BOOK!

The Parenting Tools included in this Book are: 

• 1. Empower Your Parenting: Discover practical strategies and insights to empower
your role as a parent in shaping your child's future.
• 2. Time-Tested Wisdom: Benefit from the wisdom of Jimmy and Karen Evans, respected marriage and parenting experts with over 40 years of experience.
• 3. Protect Their Heart: Learn how to safeguard your child's emotional and spiritual
well-being in an increasingly challenging world.
• 4. Effective Communication: Unlock the secrets to open and honest communication
with your child, fostering trust and connection.
• 5. Spiritual Growth: Explore ways to nurture your child's faith and values, helping
them develop a strong moral compass.
• 6. Navigating Challenges: Gain valuable insights on handling common parenting challenges, from peer pressure to technology addiction.
• 7. Family Harmony: Discover strategies to strengthen your family bond and create a
loving, supportive environment
 8. Real-Life Stories: Engage with relatable stories and examples that illustrate the
principles discussed in the book.
• 9. Transformative Impact: Experience the transformation in your parenting journey
as you implement the proven strategies shared in this book.
• 10. A Lifelong Resource: "Fighting for the Soul of Your Child" is a timeless resource
that will guide you through the various stages of your child's growth.

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