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Momentum Influencers: My Jesus From Heartache to Hope by Anne Wilson

In My Jesus, Anne Wilson shares her remarkable journey through the loss of her brother and the surprising moment she heard God's voice calling her to do the unexpected--sing and create music that would draw people to Him, which then birthed her #1 hit song, “My Jesus.”

Growing up in Kentucky, Anne and her two older siblings, Jacob and Elizabeth, were surrounded by a faithful community and had abundant opportunities to play, learn, and create under the loving care of their parents. Big brother Jacob was beloved for his kindness, charm, and endless energy. Then tragedy struck, and Jacob died in a car accident. The family's grief was all-consuming.

At the funeral, Anne decided to honor her brother by singing in public for the first time. She chose "What a Beautiful Name," the lyrics evoking the power of Jesus' name. It was then that she heard God's voice calling her to create music that would glorify Him and share Him with others.

After family and friends urged her to create and post a video of her singing that song, it caught the attention of a talent scout who alerted a music manager, and the two of them worked together for several months before Anne received an offer for a record deal. Still deep in grief, Anne and her family sought God's leading and decided to take the next step of faith. Anne signed with Capitol Christian Music Group and, without prior experience or professional training, began to write music. As she worked, she realized that God had been building a steady, deep faith in her for many years, which flowed into the song, "My Jesus."

Through the fresh, young voice of Anne Wilson, My Jesus weaves together Anne's personal story, keen insights about her transition into the music industry, and an inspiring look at the power of faith. With touching anecdotes about her family and a realistic depiction of learning to trust God through the pain of grief, Anne describes her relationship with Jesus in a poignant, faith-building way that has moved people worldwide through her number-one song.

I really enjoy reading books from the Memoir Genre and also personal testimony books. My Jesus: From Heartache to Hope by Anne Wilson is a book that fits both of those genres. 

WOW, this book gives you a roller coaster of emotions. I really appreciated Anne Wilson being so open about her life and especially sharing her story of grief. I have been a fan of Anne Wilson's music and song since I first heard the song. The book really gives strength to the song and the reason behind her music. I believe that Grief can and will strengthen your faith and for Anne, she felt God calling her to minister to others through Music. Her Music career flourished in her Grief. I cried, I felt Anne's grief and pain, and I rejoiced with her when she flourished. I truly LOVED this book and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for an encouraging book! FANTASTIC BOOK! 

• “Whatever you are feeling, God can handle it—all of it. The
tears, screams, and questions. God invites you to let Him
tend to your heart.”- Anne Wilson

• Hear the story behind the hit song!

• In the bluegrass fields of Kentucky, Anne Wilson and her siblings, Jacob and Elizabeth, grew up in the security and love of their family—and Jesus. Then when Jacob
died in a car accident, Anne was thrust into a painful journey of grief and soul wrestling that led to God calling her to create songs that glorified Him.

• My Jesus weaves together Anne’s personal story with an encouraging message to
anyone longing for God to wipe away their tears. Discover the beauty that can
emerge from suffering as you read Anne’s story of growing closer to the God who
always makes a way.

• Whether you are facing loss or disappointment, My Jesus comes alongside you to:
• show how God can bring purpose out of loss,
• offer hope in the midst of heartbreak, and
• remind you that God never abandons you.

You can order the Book HERE

Many thanks to Thomas Nelson Books for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


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Anne Wilson's song is such a spirit lifter and encouragement.
I believe her book will, too.

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