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Celebrate Lit Blog Tour: Curtain Call by Hope Bolinger & Alyssa Roat


Book: Curtain Call

Authors: Hope Bolinger & Alyssa Roat

Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance

Release date: November 5, 2022

With their future in theater on the line, can a newbie actress and overwhelmed playwright put on a production to remember?

Part-time thespian Griffith Williams can’t seem to do anything right in his parents’ eyes, especially compared to his brother, a missionary in the Dominican Republic. But if he can pull off the biggest play of the year, the Christmas play, he could win a job as a full-time director, and prove to himself—and his family—that he hasn’t mistaken his calling to the arts.

Would-be actress Hadassah Wright spends her days teaching and corralling her many, many younger siblings in a large homeschool family. Her only escape seems to be through marriage to a childhood not-so-sweetheart—until a casting call for a local play provides an opportunity to act, perhaps for the last time.

When the two end up as leads in the play, the chemistry they feel isn’t just on the stage. Hadassah finds refuge from familial pressures through helping Griffith at the theater, and Griffith finds a kindred spirit in Hadassah’s longing to pursue the art she loves.

But when an envious stage manager, a director with far too many demands, and a relentless suitor threaten to derail the show, will the curtains close on any chance of romance?


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I really enjoy a good Christian Romance book. Curtain Call by Alyssa Roat & Hope Bolinger is Book 3 in the Roseville Romances series. I had the pleasure of reading the first 2 books in this series and I was excited to read this book.

Griffith Williams is a part-time Theater guy. He enjoys the Theater so much he is hoping for his chance to be a Full-Time Theater Director. He feels that he has so much to prove to his parents who are not supportive of his Theater aspirations. Hadassah Wright is one of the older siblings in a Large Homeschool Family and she helps teach her siblings during the day. She really would love to be a Theater actress. She decides to audition for the Casting call for a Local Play and that is where she meets Griffith. They are both excited when they get lead roles in the play. They begin spending lots of time together and soon realize that they are falling for each other. Their relationship stands to be put in jeopardy by others at the Theater. Will the couple be able to deter the distractions that are hindering their relationship? Will they reach their dreams in Theater? 

WOW, the series gets better with each book that I read. I enjoyed this book from the very first chapter. Griffith and Hadassah seem to wanting to reach their own dreams yet are held back by Family things. I LOVE how Griffith is proud to realize that he can live up to his parents standards. Hadassah sees freedom from Family Obligations by getting into Theater. I really enjoyed the fact that the authors including a homeschool family, as we have been a Homeschooling family for 18 yrs.  The relationship between Griffith and Hadassah was slow and growing and I appreciate how the author played that out. The Christian theme I am seeing throughout the book is that we all have a calling in life and when we follow God and lean on him, he will help us overcome any distractions that stand in our way. . I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a clean Christian Romance book. GREAT BOOK!


Hope Bolinger and Alyssa Roat are the authors of more than twenty books both independently and co-authored. They have worked in a wide variety of roles within the publishing industry as agents, editors, writers, journalists, and publicists.

When not writing, Hope is a theatre nerd who loves to hike, and Alyssa is a history geek and game enthusiast. Both are proud cat moms. You can learn more about them on social media @hopekbolinger and @alyssawrote.


More from Alyssa

When you think of calling, what comes to mind? Pastoral calling? A call to missions?


What about a call to theater?


Hope and I (Alyssa) found ourselves with a feeling of calling from a young age. We both felt the Lord leading us to writing and publishing.


I, for one, didn’t listen too well at first. Writing? But I wanted to serve God! I wanted to live a life that mattered for God’s kingdom! So instead, I studied math and science to prepare for a future in the medical field so I could work in medical missions.


The problem was, I didn’t enjoy it. Words beckoned to me. Books and writing gave me deep joy other endeavors never quite could. But if I didn’t go into traditional ministry, how was I supposed to serve God?


In Curtain Call, our characters struggle with calling. Griffith feels pressure to be a missionary like his brother. Hadassah feels obligated to be a good wife and mother like her own mom and sister. But they never feel quite as alive, quite as themselves, as when they’re on the stage. Is it possible that God might…want them there?


As you may have guessed, I eventually learned that God calls all of us to different things. He put the love of words inside of me. He guided me to writing, and doing what He has called me to do brings the greatest joy of all.


As Hadassah and Griffith in the book struggle with identifying their calling, I pray that we all may explore the unique joys and talents the Lord planted within each of us. We hope you enjoy reading Curtain Call as much as we enjoyed writing it. May His still, small voice lead you on the adventure of a lifetime.

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To celebrate their tour, Alyssa and Hope are giving away the grand prize package of a $20 Amazon gift card and copy of each of the three books in the series!!

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