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Celebrate Lit Blog Tour: All That the Locusts Have Eaten by Chuck Carr

Book: All That the Locusts Have Eaten: God’s Redemption Through Loss and Heartache

Author: Chuck Carr

Genre: Narrative Nonfiction, Christian Inspirational

Release date: August 22, 2020

Are you suffering from loss? Confused? Do you feel like the world is set against you? Inspiring, this dynamic narrative non-fiction read tells the true story of how one man journeyed from the pit of despair to the purpose filled life God intended him to live. Mingled with poetry, scripture, and literary allegories, this artistically crafted masterpiece is sure to breathe life into even those in the deepest struggles.

Chuck Carr was raised on a farm by Christian parents and attended church each Sunday. Right after graduation, he married his college sweetheart and lived a life of fulfilled dreams.

Until it all fell apart.

In the true story of All That the Locusts Have Eaten, Chuck recounts how tragedy after tragedy struck his life, nearly destroying him. Depressed, desolate, and devastated, Chuck leaned into his faith in God to find answers.

Interwoven in this raw and personal account, Chuck shares intimate journal thoughts and asks hard-hitting questions designed to make the reader think. In a hero’s journey applicable to us all, he reveals how he found restoration after years of heartbreak, and how God put his life back together.

All That the Locusts Have Eaten will encourage readers who have suffered any type of loss. If you have struggled with overwhelming difficulties, you are not alone. Like Chuck, you, too, can discover hope for the future once again.


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I really enjoy Non-Fiction books, especially when they are telling the story of the Author. All That The Locusts Have Eaten: God's Redemption Through Loss and Heartache by Chuck Carr is a story of the Struggles and Trials of his Life. 

Chuck Carr grew up in a LOVING and STABLE Christian Home. He had a wonderful life, married his College Sweetheart and was living well. Everything came tumbling down in life and it seems his dreams ended. He lost in wife in 2008 and that truly devastated him. Grief led to depression, but he knew he had to keep going for the sake of his 2 boys. 2018 he had an accident on the Family Dairy Farm and he now suffers from a Brain Injury. Chuck always leaned on his Faith in God to bring him up and to getting back up. 

WOW, just WOW!! Chuck Carr really endured so much in his Adult life. His AMAZING Faith, even when God wasn't immediately answering him, was extremely encouraging. he could have been mad at God, but he kept the faith. He really is open and honest in this book. I am so glad that he found LOVE again and is continuing on with being an encouragement to so many. The past 4 yrs have really been a struggle to him, but he has changed his life goals and continues to minister to others, just in other means then being a Youth Pastor. The book is extremely encouraging and would be helpful to anyone who has suffered through Loss, Grief, Accidents, and other "Storms" of life! GREAT BOOK! 

As a former youth pastor, Chuck Carr has influenced hundreds of people throughout his life. Author of The Convergence, Navigating Grief, All That the Locusts Have Eaten, and Wonders In The Deep, he desires to help others live effectively despite hardships, as his testimony proves that sufferings can be changed into blessings. Losing a spouse in 2008, he strives to help those hurting from the same pain. While working on the family dairy farm, a life altering accident in 2018 left him with a traumatic brain injury, and his vision and life goal has been refocused to help others heal from devastating traumas. Now remarried to a woman of shared life goals, he has chosen to live with purpose despite his injuries, being an inspiration to others. He currently continues writing books and blogging and can be found at


More from Chuck

Sometimes life hits you unexpected, and when it doesn’t let up, you might feel a bit bewildered.  That was me, when time after time I kept getting up, only to get knocked right back down again.  I couldn’t understand why bad things kept happening to me, a good person, a good man.  I was doing things the right way, so I thought.  I married a God-fearing woman.  I was using my life for God’s purpose.  I had devoted my life to teaching the next generation as a youth pastor.  Everything should have been smooth and easy, right?  Amid a dark storm, nothing seemed easy.  Why hardship hit so relentlessly was a mystery to me.  Things didn’t seem fair.  And when nothing made sense, I was reeling, searching, and found myself on the backside of the wilderness screaming to a God who only seemed to have a deaf ear turned my way.  Sound familiar?  In this book, I take you on a great journey to find answers when most answers seemed bleak, if not non-existent.  Take God’s hand with me, he’s there, I promise.  I’ll show you how his voice is so clear and distinct, even when we have trouble seeing which way is up.  All That the Locusts Have Eaten is a testament to how God can bring us through, and that, in unexpected ways.

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To celebrate his tour, Chuck is giving away the grand prize package of a $50 Amazon gift card & signed copy of the book!!

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Chuck Carr said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much for your kind words and your review. My hope and prayer is that this book can reach the people that need it and direct them to the hope they need. Blessings. Thanks so much!

slehan said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like an interesting book.
Thanks for the contest. 

Stormy Vixen said... Best Blogger Tips

All That the Locusts Have Eaten sounds like a very intriguing and captivating read, thanks for sharing it with me! Thanks, Happily Managing a Household of Boys, for sharing your review! Have an amazing weekend!

Roxanne C. said... Best Blogger Tips

Chuck Carr's book will be an encouragement and hope-builder for myself and many that I know.

traciem said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like such an inspiring and uplifting book and I am looking forward to reading it soon!

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