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Celebrate Lit Blog Tour: Choir Loft Murder by Karen Randau

Book:  Choir Loft Murder

Author: Karen Randau

Genre: Mystery Suspense

Release date: August 24, 2021

In book 3 of the Frankie Shep Suspense Novellas, a member of the church choir dies during rehearsal, and the apparent murder weapon—a blowgun—implicates the man Frankie loves. She’s shocked to discover Quint was a champion at the sport before he accepted the senior pastor role at the church. And he’s refusing to talk about his fate.

Her investigation reveals that Quint isn’t the only person with the skill to hit a woman’s carotid artery while she’s singing a high note, and Frankie is convinced someone is framing Quint. The closer she gets to proving it, the more she faces a stalker’s deadly wrath.

Can Frankie save herself and the man she loves from becoming the next victims?


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Mystery and Suspense is a GREAT Genre. Choir Loft Murder by Karen Randau is the most recent Mystery book I have read. It is actually a Novella, only 134 pages. I like Novellas because I can finish them in less then a day. Karen Randau is a new to me author, so I was excited about that also. 

Frankie Shep is a member of her Church Choir. One night during rehearsal, a member of the choir is shot with a Blowgun Dart and dies. Frankie's fiancé, Quint,  is charged with the murder. Frankie learns that Quint was a former Blowgun Champion, but quit the sport a few years ago. Frankie is determined to help Quint prove his innocence. She begins her own investigation and she quickly learns that there is another Blowgun User in their midst. Frankie is on track to find the real killer and the Killer is on her tail to possible stop her from hunting them down. She needs to find the real Killer before Quint makes a plea deal. Will Frankie find the Killer before the Killer finds her and she becomes a victim? Will Frankie and Quint have their dream wedding that they have been planning and keep Quint out of Death Row? 

WOW, this book had me on the Edge of my Seat from the very beginning. I really like Frankie's determination and spunk. Pastor Quint has to reveal to Frankie how he was a past Blowgun Champion because of him being charged with murder. I was very impressed how the flow of the book was. This book is Book 3 in the Frankie Shep series, but it reads great as a Stand Alone book. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I will be finding the first 2 books in this series to read those also! AWESOME BOOK! 

Karen Randau authors fast-paced mystery, thriller, and suspense books, including the Frankie Shep Suspense Novella series, Rim Country Mysteries, and Deadly Reception (a stand-alone novella as one of seven of the Tawnee Mountain Mysteries box set written by best-selling and award-winning authors). Her Rim Country Mystery novel, Deadly Payload, was a finalist in the Book Excellent Awards and the Beverly Hills Book Awards. She’s a lifelong writer, both for fun and as a professional in marketing communications. She holds a degree in journalism/public relations. A native of the southwestern U.S., Karen lives with her husband in Arizona.


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Since Choir Loft Murder is the third book in the Frankie Shep Suspense Novellas series, I wanted to show how Frankie has grown through the series—from broken woman who is angry at God for allowing the deaths of family into a strong and happy woman who relies on God to help her through an unusually tough life.

She has shown her grit in all three novels in the series, and this one shows how she has grown through the adversity life has thrown at her.

In writing Choir Loft Murder, I wanted to show that ordinary people usually are stronger and more resilient than they know.

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To celebrate her tour, Karen is giving away the grand prize package of a $25 Amazon gift card and a paperback copy of the book!!

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