Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to Make Money at Home Part 1: Online Reward Programs

 I am going to begin a series on how to make money from the comfort of your home or from being out of your home for just a couple of hours a week! There are many different ways to do so and I have been able to experience some of them!

Who can't use some extra money, Gift Cards or other fun stuff?? I know I can and I try my best to earn a "few extra bucks" whenever possible. I participate in Focus Groups or Taste Tests when I qualify for them. Focus Groups and Taste tests are an excellent source of "extra cash", but are not always available.

I used to participate in "Surf to Earn" or "Online Reward Programs" all the time, when I had more time. I have been with MyPoints for a long time. I also have done Memolink, FreeRide and a few others that are no longer in existence. There are 2 programs that are very popular right now and both are really easy to earn points and earn Gift Cards, Magazine Subscriptions, Electronics, Cash, PayPal and much more from.

I have been a member of SwagBucks for a little over 2yrs now and it has been very profitable for me. The main way to earn Swagbucks is that it is a Search Engine and you do your daily searches using Swagbucks which then gives you Google search responses. You can earn anywhere from 1pt on up for a search, but not all searches earn you points. You can also earn Swagbucks by doing Swag Surveys, entering SwagCodes, doing special offers and more. Check out How Swagbucks Works for more info. Swagbucks is very profitable and my favorite item to redeem for is $5 gift cards for only 450 Swagbucks. I saved mine up and was able to purchase a Dehydrator for only $8 out of my own pocket and a couple other fun things! If you would like to join Swagbucks please use this link: Join Swagbucks

Another program that I just started using in the last couple of weeks, but is fast becoming a favorite of mine is SuperPoints. SuperPoints is similar to Swagbucks, but in my personal opinion earning points is much easier and you can accumalate points faster. I have been with SuperPoints for just about 2 weeks and have 300 points already! Some ways to earn points are:

SuperLucky Button: Everyday you earn a certain number of "clicks" on the SuperLucky Button. The amount of clicks per day depends on your level. The clicks randomly earn you points, varying from 1pt on up.

Watch Videos: The videos are usually only 1 to 2 minutes.

Invite Friends: Superpoints is by invite only. The more friends you have in your network, the more points you can earn. Once you have 2 friends in your network you can begin earning what your friends earn as soon as they have completed their profile! (only 1 account per household)

For more info on the Different Levels and the benefits see here: Membership Levels

If you are interested in joining SuperPoints use this link:

I am very determined to make both of these programs help me help our family by being able to save up and use the points to buy things for Birthdays and Christmas in 2012! I hope you all will join and have the same fun I am having and it doesn't even take much time on a daily basis!

I will add to this post in the near future as I find more great programs and opportunities!

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Lily said... Best Blogger Tips

Can you tell how fast can I earn at Superpoints?

Will I get something special if I sign under your referral at Superpoints?

I'm trying to earn some Christmas money online now. Already using Gifthulk and Swagbucks and want to try Superpoints also.

For now the fastest one is Gifthulk(already got $15 Amazon GC there). Nothing yet at Swagbucks. How fast is Superpoints compared to those?

familymgrkendra said... Best Blogger Tips


I joined just 2 weeks ago and made it to the Platinum level(at least 5 friends who completed their profile) where I can now "cash out" at 500 points for $5 GC. The key to Superpoints is to get at least 2 or better 5 friends in your network and then you earn what they earn. Completing Offers can score you 75-100pts or even more. The other day I earned 100pts in one day doing my own clicks and completing offers! So in comparision to SwagBucks, you can earn GC pretty fast with referrals on SuperPoints. The key is to do the offers and get referrals under you!

If you sign up using the referral links I listed you will get 5-25 pts immediately. The codes don't reveal the amount until sign up is complete.

I am interested in the GiftHulk. Could you send me or post a referral for that site! I would be happy to join under you for that site!


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